Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where are the bad Guys?

Unlike a lot of other people I know, I get most of my brilliant ideas while I am cooking! I don't know for some reason my brain wanders off in weird directions while cooking. So, day before yesterday while I was making my famous mutton curry I got a brainwave while marinating the meat. Some random movie was playing in the background I think it was Forbidden kingdom! Anyhoo.. I started thinking about how cool our villains used to be earlier.

I mean they were a bunch of conniving evil freaks, yet they were extremely creative characters. They had the coolest names, the coolest costumes and THE COOLEST tagline/background tracks. AND, they added an entirely new perspective to the movie plots. Why? Let me explain - In the early years of Indian cinema, pretty much all movies had the essential three bestselling scenes-

1. The hero's old and vegetable-ish mother would get kidnapped by the horrid looking villain who would keep her captive in some random secret hide-out which would have the most advanced high-tech weapons of mass destruction. And, would have all sidekick villains dressed in some kind of evil-academy uniform.

2. The heroine will have at least one attempted rape scene where the hero would miraculously
come and save her sorry ass.

3. The epic battle vs good and evil where the hero will fight like a true champion to save heroine and vegetable mother from the clutches of the evil villain.

Now, this might seem to be extremely repetitive and mundane if not for the villains. The writers would actually go into great lengths to come up with the most evil plots and schemes that these villains would perform to get our attention. From costumes, to fake scars, to accents, to punchlines.. everything would be carefully customized to fit into the otherwise mundane script.

I really miss those villains. I really really do. Now Indian cinema is evolving and its all about creative story telling, screenplay, editing and "direction" and blah. But, what we don't get to see is some real action.. some hardcore entertainment. I mean Dabangg's Cheddi Singh just proves my theory right?! The moment you come up with the typical Masala Bollywood flick where the hero kicks villain's ass in the end:we are ecstatic. We are suckers for a good fight sequence.

In this post, I thought I would pay my respect to the unsung heroes villains in some of the most "hilariously written" as well as "well written" characters in Bollywood. So here goes my favorite top three:

Courtesy: Google Images

1.Gabbar Singh - the movie that redefined Indian cinema and epitomized the true notion of the real villain. This guy reeks evil, in fact evil is his last name. Ok wait, Sigh is his last name. Ya, evil is his middle name! Anyway, Not only did he chop off Thakur's hands and kill his family- he is also the most narcissistic villain of all times. He is proud of his 'wanted' status, and he proudly describes his evil actions and escapades. This one is top of my list - Sholay would have never been Sholay without Gabbar!

Courtesy: Google Images

2. Mogambo - By now, you got the drift around the names bit. I mean did Gabbar and Mogambo's parents purposely coin these names to fit their future evil avatar?!! bizarre! Anyway, moving along.. Mr.India was a cult movie for sure - our very own superhero. An invisible man who fights for justice, and a havoc reeking villain who wants to destroy the country and rule the world. Nothing gets better than this. Mogambo, as you can see from the costume was extremely fashion conscious and also made sure that his crew also dressed in a specific way. What can I say apart from 'Mogambo Khush hua'. In the most crucial ending scene of Mr. India when Mogambo's missile is about to hit Mumbai, Mr. India saves the day and stops the missile from taking its right course. While Mogambo's secret island goes up in flames, Mogambo takes his last breath and says 'Mogambo khush hua'!! * Sighh*

Courtesy: Google Images

3. Crime Master Gogo - Ok! enough pun with the names. But, seriously nothing beats Crime Master Gogo. Now, Andaaz Apna Apna is my all time favorite comedy, with my all time favorite villain Gogo!! I love this guy. I mean look at the cape!! He wants to play with his victim's eyeballs, dude that is just sick. The funniest villain in the history of Bollywood (apart from Jaani Dushman of course) - Ladies and gentlemen, we have GoGo!!!

Now, after seeing such creative characters who have graced us with their presence on silver screen, of course we crave more of such entertainers!! In fact I would like to give an honorable
mention to some more masterpiece villains of India cinema. In random order I have strung their pictures together below. Here's my salute/ rather a standing ovation to Neola, Dr. Dang and Shakaal for the amazing work that they have done in the not so amazing films.

Courtesy: Google Images

I wish we get more of these characters back in business bring back the age old tradition of good vs. evil in our movies!!!! Cheers** ;)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Making Peace! ......... (Celebrating the 100th post with my first attempt at story telling)

Making Peace

| Swaying upwards like a bunch of dry leaves, swiftly in motion, though short-lived. What a fool she was to have left herself with no other prerogative, purpose or route. It felt right for a split second maybe. Maybe. Somewhere between the feeling of sheer weightlessness and being plummeted towards the twisted jaws of reality, it really felt right. It felt something like freedom, something like real happiness - like when you are alone with yourself and you smile for no reason at all. |

For as long as she could remember she really wanted to be happy. She knew happy people live longer; happy people feel less pain for some reason. She would spend countless hours figuring out the jigsaw of her own life, trying to understand the loopholes of her damaged existence. Her everlasting quest to achieve that tranquil stage: where she could smile for no reason at all. It took some time, and didn't come easy.

Love, passion, perfection and what not! She had heard fairytales wrapped in modern age romanticism. But when the moment was hers she was as ignorant as a 40 year old virgin. She blamed her beginnings, questioned her sanity, and her faulty upbringing. Chivalry seemed like a golden crown she didn't deserve. Compassion was her medicine.

The charm, the wit, the strong hands on her waist, the gentle stroke on her hair. It was her moment of glory, and she knew she was finally the protagonist of her own love story. Not just a hopeful bystander or even the pitiful supporting actress. Warm summer days soon turned to spring, and days turned into months, and her romance continued to blossom. Pouring her heart and soul she wrapped them with passion as well as obsession. Sometimes she would wake up in the middle of the night just to ensure she wasn't alone. She found love.

Finally when the last golden leaf of autumn had been swept away from the sidewalks, she woke up to find herself in solitude. The silence was breathtaking. She never saw it coming. Her damages were far too powerful to let her feel the charades of "simplistic needs" of a modern relationship. She never lived by rules of courtship. Not that she wasn't heartbroken, not that she wasn't suffering from a sense of deceit; and she was far from coping with the upshots of infidelity. But as she lay there looking at the deep cloud of smoke stuck between her lips- she let out a breath, like a silent prayer – a truce with her frantic quest. As the smoke cycloned upwards she felt a sense of deep relief. Connecting herself with reality, finally making peace with herself- she finally let go and smiled. For no reason at all.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Besties & Upcoming 100!

We have come a long way. And, when I look back at when I started this blog, I remember myself being shy and unsure of what to say. How to express my own feelings to myself. This diary and I have come a long way indeed. It's helped me through some really tough times. When I couldn't turn to anyone, when I was alone or angry. This helped me pull myself through the stressful times, and rejoiced with me on my happy days.

Not so secretly, I also want to thank the thousands of people who have visited my blog over the years, and inspired me to write better and taught me to be always true to myself. Thanks to blog stats for showing me that there are people out there who think like me, who sometimes feel the same way, and they know that I am out there as well. Thanks to all you awesome people who visited and commented on my random ramblings, and never let me down.

As I approach the 100th post of this blog, I revisited some of the posts that redefined me as a person, and some really cute ones, a couple that I really really love!

My next post is gonna be my 100th post guys! Super-Awesome right!?! :D :D

Monday, March 14, 2011

The Blogothon begins........How I never wanna see you again!

Just because some random scientist has clubbed all humanity together and tagged us as social creatures, does not mean that we have to play along all the time.

Most of us can be perfectly unsocial in times of even dire emergencies. It's just a natural instinct I guess, how we avoid certain people for no rhyme or reason. For example, I am petrified of talking to my really old aunty-ish neighbour who creepily invites me for tea everytime she sees me. I know. This just sounds plain cold-blooded but some how she just reminds of the old lady from the story The Landlady. And, needless to say every time I hear her door budge, I start panicking with my own lock while trying to close the door and run away as fast as I can. It's perfectly natural (cold though) for me to behave like this with someone, even though there might not be a rational explanation behind this. I'm quite sure I know people who have done the same with someone or the other at some point of time. I remember a friend of mine once telling me that she avoided eye contact with a certain someone in a training room through out the training and avoided all his questions. You wanna know the reason!!?! Apparently, his haircut reminded her of an ex-boyfriend whom she wanted to cut into small pieces. * shudder * I don't know how something like same haircut can instigate her to act like a heartless monster in a corporate environment, but I really don't want to stray away from the topic here.

So, I have narrowed it down to two people who I never ever ever wanna see again, and would go to randomly weird lengths to make sure that I never have to interact with them ever. This is my People-Cause-Effect story of 'how i never wanna see you again'!

My high school math teacher- So, this guy used to give me tuitions, and I used to hate him. Like seriously. Creepy to the power infinity. He used to wear the same shirt every week when he would come over for tuitions and the shirt would be not only dirty, but also atleast two sizes smaller than his actual size. You could see his flabby belly sticking out from between the buttons. And he would carry an old practice copy around under his arm-pit! yeah, armpit which would smell of sweat all the time. Gross!!!! I used to have nightmares that I actually touched that copy once and I would wake up crying like a mental case at night. This is not the end of the story yet. He would actually get into details of how his wife left him for his neighbour and ran away leaving a 4 year old child behind. In spite of his sad story, I could really never bring myself to sympathize with him, and started scheming ways to get rid of him FOREVER. (no i don't mean murder) And eventually I did get rid of him, I told my Mom that he was over-charging me and that he was teaching my friend at half the price. That kind of sealed his fate. He later came to know that I was behind all this and that really really freaked me out even more. I am so glad that I never ran into him again, and I can not imagine what I would do if I actually did. My best bet would be to just run away. However, if I am in a crowded place, I would just pretend that I don't recognize him and would immediately call for help and get him arrested for stalking maybe.

A Girl I used to call my friend - This one's the winner really. If there is ever a case study written on the word 'traitor' by the oxford dictionary society or something, they will come to me and pay me good money to get this story, maybe. Yeah, not kidding. At one point of time we used to be close friends and shared a mutual admiration and passion for writing short stories, and sometimes even plots for school plays. The backstabber not only took some of my brilliant ideas, but also left me no choice but to step back from my own choreography. I would never ever forgive her for this. Even though it might seem a million light years away and an insignificant dot in the huge list of bad things that has happened to me over the years. This one still hurts. This is one forgiveness I have with-held for many years, and will continue to do so in the future. I had big plans of giving it back to her at one point of time, but today, I really wish that I never see her again. I have a lot of nasty stuff bottled in me for a very long time, and if I happen to meet her someday, I really don't know how I will react. I have played the scene many times in my head, and I think either of these two things can happen - A) I suddenly look at her and loose all sense of decency and humanity. I pounce on her. Scratch out her eyes or something, or maybe punch her in the face, beat her till she is out cold. And then end up in Jail.
B) I go upto her and deliver an emotional speech on how she disappointed me, and what a disgrace she is to the word friendship. And then pounce on her, scratch out her eyes.. end up in jail.

Looking at both the situations, I think it's best to pray that I never ever meet her. I have prepared myself to control my emotions and start running in the opposite direction if I ever come across her. God forbid if she thinks that we are too grown up to behave like this and starts coming towards me to talk or reconcile. Then, there is no way out. I believe I will end up in jail. So darling, for your own safety and mine, I wish I never run into you and definitely never wanna see you again.

That's all on this enlightning topic that I had to share with you guys. Thank you for voting, and stay tuned for ' How working out can kill you ' :P

Friday, March 11, 2011

The elephant in my room that I am not talking about, the uninspiring ideas & the upcoming Blogothon!

Im not in a particularly amusing mood today, and nothing happy/funny or random has happened to me this week, which I can write about. In the most uncanny way possible the only big thing of this week is something that I absolutely can not put down in words- because it's gonna open a up a can of worms in my own head and then I will go on fidgeting with it for the rest of the month. (yes there is an elephant in my room and I am ignoring it). But putting that aside, I really feel the need to write something (anything) every week or so, and therefore I was really hammering myself to come up with something that I can write about. And Blank. There is literally nothing I can think of. So, I thought of injecting myself with some inspiration and googled it! Yea. I googled 100 exciting blog topics. Now that I said it out loud, I can't believe that I did that. I googled blog topics!!!!! But you know what was even more shocking that this!! The weirdass ideas that the search results threw up. I don't wanna hurt any feelings here but the number one search result has a certain someone who lists these as blog post ideas- how I use my facebook? and Telling my boss about social media! Ok, I am like whoa!!! This is so not inspiring me!

I can probably come up with a better list of things to blog about (even though, I might not do it right now) so, I spent some time today in the morning, thinking about what I should write about and grouped them in order of Randomness/Funny and Intentionally Insulting. And since, words are not being friendly with me today - I have decided to just list the topics out and get some responses from my blogosphere friends on which are the sureshot best posts to go with. The next week will be so much more fun when I actually start writing on these topics, so please please please (pretty please) tell me which are the posts that you guys really wanna see on this blog.

Here goes the crazy list--

1. Clowns.
2. Guys who pee out the balcony/window
3. Scary Pigeons
4. How working out can kill you.

Intentionally Insulting
1. Floral Denims 101
2. The return on the Pelvic Thrust
3. How I never want to meet you.
4. Justin Bieber

I am really hoping to find out which are the jewels amongst these eight that I wanna write about next week and narrow it down to mammoth posts that will rock my world with pride and sense of self adulation. So drop a hint and let the ramblings begin!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

It's time to let go.

আজকে আরো একটু কিছু পেলাম
সময়ের সাথে সাথে হারিয়ে যাওয়া,
কযেকটা উত্তর...
আজকে আরো একটু কিছু পেলাম
রাগের কারণ কাটিয়ে ওঠার ক্ষমতা...
এখনো অনেক পথ বাকি তাই
ভাবি কতদূর এভাবেই কাটবে জীবনটা?

সারাদিন সারারাত কেন জাগলাম জানিনা!
পুরনো একটা সাদা কালো ছবির মত ভাবনা চিন্তা..
সব মিলিয়ে, সব ভুলিয়ে আবার নতুন করে
চেষ্টা শুধুই চেষ্টা ..!

So many times we feel it's easy to let go, but it's really not. Sometimes when we make the right decisions, it comes at the expense of some right moments.Some true feelings. Just a thought that was nagging me for quite some time.. a thought that I kept pushing further down. But I realize now, that it's time to face it.. and it's definitely time to let it go....

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Almost Never...

A thousand broken strings of thought.
On them I play on, play on the rhythm...
Of What is left and what I got!
I remember what I have given up,
Not that I regret... maybe backup is always a myth!
Times have changed and so have they!
If I tell them to come back today..
Maybe they will or maybe not!

I wrote this at a time when things looked not so great. It's unique really, the way time glides through your minds erasing most things that made you sit up at night. God Bless it for that. How many times do I recollect them and let out a silent prayer? Almost never. Sudden flashes or a dejavu. Maybe sometimes. But today, I want to thank and pray, show my gratitude towards the supreme power out there controlling our minds. I want to let Him know how much I appreciate Him for letting me move on and never look back. For every time I pushed my baggage away, and for every fresh start I made, I never got around to thank you. Almost Never.

So, here it goes- my most heartfelt..
'Thank You.'