Saturday, December 31, 2011

Life Lists, New Years & All that's left behind...

New year's eve. It's mostly fun, intoxicating, full of drama & promises... most of which go null & void the next morning. But nevertheless, we - the bunch of hopeful humans that we are: spend moderate amounts of time in creating, planning and setting new lists and resolutions that we will abandon with greater speed and agility than we showcased while creating them.

When I look back not so fondly at the year that just passed me by - I am nostalgic, a little paranoid maybe and also relieved that it's going away. Things haven't been great this year no doubt - but before complaining too much I also have to acknowledge the fact that I lived through most of it, survived atrocious amounts of confusions and drama and also learnt to refuel myself with love, compassion et all.

What I have learnt is -

Life lists are fun to make, but difficult to follow through - so don't take them too seriously. Love them to the core and celebrate it if they work out at the end, but don't waste your tears upon them for sure.

Leave everything behind that you don't deserve to carry along. You have made your choices and you have decided your course of action... whatever doesn't fit into the larger scheme of things and bogs you down in your journey needs to be left behind. Like my friend Alice says - don't carry the world on your shoulders, you have enough of yourself to carry already.

So, go on have an awesome time. Drink up my lovelies and spend the last few hours of this year with the best bunch of people you know. Laugh and dance, eat a delicious meal and don't forget to pray before your pass out tonight. 'Cos that's exactly what I'll be doing.

Cheers to a super year ahead.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The thing about Turning Points

It's not over rated at all. Hits you below the belt mostly, and no matter how lightly you try to take it - it's always nerve-wrenchingly hard hitting. You go through your life mostly thinking you are heading towards the right direction, rarely admitting the fact that you are far away from your goals. Then suddenly when you are pushed to the wall, you are forced to turn and face the facts. I've seen it around me, and I have seen people deal with it - some with dignity and grace, some with no grace at all. But the fact remains, if you don't take this turn with a slightly intelligent bent of mind - life WILL screw you over (and  NO - you won't get another chance this time). So, be brave & cautious at the same time, be flexible and step out of your comfort zone. And most important - have faith. 

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What if you had a pet dino!!!

Noah probably was too selfish and decided not get T-rex on that giant-ass boat of his; and because of Mr. I-get-to-call-the-shots, we are left behind on this dino-less earth. I primarily feel it wasn't the asteroid, or the 'dinos were too dumb to survive' theory - cos let's face it... if the asteroid did this, then a bunch of other animals would have also disappeared mysteriously right? & also, the less evolved brain theory?? Haven't you guys seen Jurassic  Park - that velociraptor is a conniving bitch of an animal. So, yeah I don't really know what happened to the big guys, but I think it would have fun to just have them around. Homo Sapiens are by far the most dangerous species to have ever lived on this planet, and I am sure we would have found some interesting use cases for these reptiles. So what if they are huge! We don't have no fear man.

Ok, now that we are doing this... things that would have been supercool.

- First dinosaur in space!!!!
- Dinosaur is man's best friend
- 16th century warfare would have been so much cooler I say. Bite off the queen's head Rexy!!!
- Oh Mr. bookie, blind bet on Rexy no.4 pls.
- Bring your dino to school day. (C'mon the small ones are cute)
- The bully at school definitely won't pick on you if you have the carnivore at your side.

What would you do if dinos were very much alive and sharing our planet? Also I made this cute dino sketch, so I am hoping to become a dino sketch artist soon enough. I may be getting delusional, but don't mind me - think of more important and realistic things like what if you had a pet dinosaur. Sure, I swear it's a productive utilization of your time.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Darkness days!

It's a darkness day really. There are these days - mostly Mondays or Tuesdays, when you feel like you are about to succumb to all things dull and drab. These are my darkness days. When I am down and out, when I don't feel up to anything actually. My energy levels are on the minus scale and my enthusiasm towards life is zilch. No matter how hard I try to look at the good things, all I end up seeing is darkness & mostly the pathetic uninspiring stuff that surrounds me. All my shortcomings and downfalls glaring at me, shouting out obscenities. Silly little things are blown out of proportions and I am almost on the verge of colliding with the walls of depression. Erratic, I know. But that's how I roll people. The vicious cycle is never ending, and there is always some thing or the other every time. Every fucking single time. So many goof ups, so many non-achievements, so much ugliness - all jumbled up into a giant boulder of dark matter snowballing towards me. I know I sound dramatic right about now, but then I never underestimated the drama queen in me, and it never underestimates me. That's about all the depression talk I had today - will be back soon on another such darkness day with more liver cramping drama.