Friday, June 22, 2012

My picture window & You!

The picture window is where I escape from. Climb out & get away. Not everyday can be a good day, but I have my ways to zone out when I need to. The blue board was staring empty at me, so I put a bunch of cut-outs on it, and now, see how happy it looks. Good news is, I'm not alone nowadays, you'll be there wherever I go. On a lazy summer afternoon,  I'll go scuba diving with you: On a remote pretty little island where the waters are shining with blue, sharp rays of the sun penetrate into the corals & we'll swim all around it with a bunch of yellow fishes. Just like in that picture I saw... The secret compartment of travel wishes are endless really. Spending a Christmas eve in Paris maybe. Someday. I'll look up at Petra & cry a little, wear my touristy hat & ride a camel with you by the side. You'd have a burnt look on your face, sweaty & irritated in the heat. You hate the desert sun I know, but you'll love the camel ride. We'll sit for hours at a corner cafe in Italy, listen to music & eat yummy muffins. The destinations will change, but the man beside me remains the same now. I've settled into this nest and I'm quietly comfortable in my own way. I know I get impossible sometimes, but bear with me for now; 'cos I wanna go places with you. 

Monday, June 18, 2012

You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness...

Somethings don't make sense, but you hang on. Just 'cos you have to, you need to. A frail memory that makes you cry, makes you revengeful. A relationship that means more to you than to the other person maybe. A thought that makes you shudder and makes you wish you hadn't done it - but you did it anyway. Didn't you? You are addicted to all those childhood crushes that never made it to happily ever after. They do you no good, but you keep them with you. Somewhere. You are addicted to sadness. It never leaves you, doesn't cheat on you like happiness does.

Breathe in, breathe out. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

I'll never be tired of this one...

You lift me up on days like these. When everything is dark & I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel; your voice guides me through safely to the better side. The guitar running through my veins, the melody that I'll hum all day. You are my song of the day, you are my savior. This mini-jigsaw of intricate relationships hovering around me don't seem to provide any respite. Constant struggle. Constant demands. Constantly circling around me, relentlessly. So, when I close my eyes, lean back on my chair and surrender to music it's the best feeling in the world. Free falling, free falling.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Never try to reason with your parents. Just Run.

Yeah! it's true.
It's no use, and you know it. When you are old enough to earn money, travel the world, buy a house, pay a loan, drive a car, damage-bam-break the car, pay for fixing the car; you will still never be old enough for your parents. You will never know what's best for you. You are a moron when it comes to finding your own spouse and settle down in your own sweet time. No. You can't do all these things because because your parents were born to drive you to a frenzy till you marry the man/woman they've handpicked for you. You are either becoming too old and must get married, or you are too young to get married to your loverboy/girl. Don't try to reason with them, because that doesn't help. At All. They will be fire-breathing dragons sitting on your shoulders until you drop & give in.

The fact remains that they are your parents and you will love & respect them forever & miss them when they are not around, and so changing your phone number will not be an option for you. Reasoning with them won't help 'cos then you would be just blabbering some shit to yourself while they pretend to not hear you and keep screaming. You think you are being mature and trying to have a real conversation & bam they will hit you with a statement so immature that you would want to pull your eyes out of your sockets. So, whenever you are having this one sided conversation with them - just flee the scene. Run, like the wind I say.

Disclaimer - You will get beaten up the next day. Also, don't run away to another country - 'cos the big fat crybaby that you are - you will miss mom & mom's food sooner than later.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beer is proof that God loves us.

Planning a party is the funnest thing you can do on a morose weekday. We've settled into this nice & cushy apartment with loads of space for throwing a madass party. Just the kinds you need to slap you back into unreality after a crazy work-filled week. So, we've planned a party this Friday (House warming sorts) and we plan to cause some serious damage (not to the house though). A carefully executed list later, me & Roony decided on the essentials & party supplies along with the puke buckets we need for the balcony. No one, and I mean NO one is allowed to puke all over the bathroom floor. There'll be good food, awesome music & of course the booze.

My cubicle seems dull today, I'm in no mood to work. My thoughts are mostly circling around party games, Beer games, Beer chugs, fried food & what playlist to download. Needless to say, I haven't gotten any real work done till now. Which is ok I think, given the fact this week has been Godzilla crazy & tomorrow is Friday. There is no such 'tough-work-sucks' week that cant be erased from your memory with a little bit of beer I say.

So, Chug Chug & away!