Monday, July 26, 2010

Only Time!

Time not only heals, it also breaks. Time has no middle path, its always an extremist's choice. Given an option you would not rely on time, its only when you are left with no alternatives that you give up and wave your white flag, and let time take over.

If you can control a situation in the present continuous tense, you would right? you wouldn't depend on a future action to wave its magic wand, and mind you, even the magic wand can't take you back to past perfect!

I have wondered many times, why people give themselves so much time, why do they keep quiet for so long as to create walls between those they love? Why do they let Time come between friendship? I conclude today, that their priorities might have changed by then. They lacked the strength to fight for it and they simply didn't want to lose their precious 'time' over it. Those who defend the concept of 'time-out' by saying that things seems insignificant to fight over after considerable time has passed- I have a question for you- how will you make up for all the time you lost? Wasn't it better to just say it out loud? And can you really go back to where you where after a gap of months, and a gap of grief & hurt? You can't right? Whatever you do, and however insignificant the matter of discontent was, it will come around to haunt you because you didn't fight it out when it all started. Instead you relied on time to heal all!

I am yet to experience a time that heals everything and puts you back where you started. Or maybe i'm just selfish or rigidly conventional when it comes to solving problems. I want to take action right now! If I dont, then that means I am not really rooting for this relationship to move forward. Friendship really can't be forced, either you are friends with someone or you are not! It really is the only relationship that you can choose for yourself. You pick out your friends from a large crowd of people around you, and you strive to grow together, help each other and protect each other. If you are not doing any of this, then you are not really interested in this friendship! Then what are you doing here? Don't tell me you were giving yourself time!!!!

You always have a choice! It may not be the best choice, or the right choice or the most conscientious one... But the fact is you do have a choice! And you chose to keep quiet for months! And that says it all to me... you surrendered to Time, you let it come in and ruin years of building blocks- like waves of an ocean- crashing into sand castles, once built with so much pride. You thought it might heal, and you thought it might spoil-- but you still took that risk! And You made that choice!

Time heals for sure- but only the past! It only breaks the present and changes the future!

What keeps me going on a Monday!

"I have been one acquainted with the night.
I have walked out in rain -- and back in rain.
I have outwalked the furthest city light.

I have looked down the saddest city lane.
I have passed by the watchman on his beat
And dropped my eyes, unwilling to explain.

I have stood still and stopped the sound of feet
When far away an interrupted cry
Came over houses from another street,

But not to call me back or say good-bye;
And further still at an unearthly height,
A luminary clock against the sky

Proclaimed the time was neither wrong nor right.
I have been one acquainted with the night. "

-------------------------------------------------Robert Frost.

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Art of Conversation: Truth or Dare!

What happened to the simple idea of a meaningful conversation? Is it really extinct?
Sometimes I wonder, just how many factors should I keep in mind before I jump into a conversation with someone. Someone at work told me that he is skeptical of approaching women at work feeling that they might get the wrong idea! I definitely laughed out loud and told him that he was thinking way too much, but then I wondered.. can we rule out ulterior motives? The question is not why people think that everyone wants something out of a relationship; the question is why have people lost faith in each other!

My idea is simple- to have a meaningful conversation with someone, you don't need to play Truth or dare! Any meaningful conversation should be a reflection of yourself, whatever idea you are projecting from your own mind should touch the other person with the same intensity as it touches you. It should have similar impact or side-effects that you may experience yourself. If this is not happening, then maybe, you need to reconsider who you are having this discussion with.

The word trust brings so much ambiguity with itself that it is almost impossible to affix a real meaning to it. It's a dynamic variable at this time! The single idea of trust has been manipulated, maneuvered and twisted so many times, that it can now be described as fool's gold.

Why did it have to be complicated? If men and women were not vicious creatures, feeding off one another's social energy, status, reputation and their deepest secrets.. then maybe, just maybe, the concept of trust would have been a runaway-success.

I think William Shakespear summarized it for us- "Love all, trust a few!" I still have faith in the power of a good discussion, it can heal you, make you stronger or even give you closure in the times you need it the most. If only we can manage to keep it simple, and heartfelt!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Blurred around the Edges!

Sometimes I forget where I came from,
Not so long ago, not so far away..
Yes, I think for too long,
Nothing too dull, nothing too great.

It seems I had a purpose,
Now that's blurring around the edges.
All I am left with is a glaring hole-
That tends to burn, and scar too many places.

How much can we survive?
how much can we change?
how much can we scarfice finally to get our own ways?

Sometimes I forget where I came from
What did I achieve to date?
Too much too little? or
Too little too late?