Friday, December 10, 2010


So many times I blame myself of putting myself out of ideas. I think I take my ideas for granted most of the time and then regret not acting on them later. It's a manic madness and a vicious cycle, yes I agree!

So, now i'm putting a blanket rule for all the ideas in my mind (yes! even the stupid ones). The Rule is that from now on, I give each of my brainchilds at least one chance. No matter how big or how insignificant they may be, they all deserve care and need to be nurtured.

And how exactly am I going to achieve this? Well, given that I get only about *this much* free time every day, I am thinking of scalable ways to literally "hold on to that thought".

I am going to take a 10 mins breather every day, YES! everyday, when I sit and just do nothing. I wont check my emails, nor think of smart status updates, nor will I chit-chat with friends. I will give myself just 10 mins everyday, to rejuvenate my brain-cells. Once I am able to reach that calm state, I might be able to better document my ideas and act impressively upon them.

Not a bad idea for a New Years Resolution eh?!! What say!! :D :D