Wednesday, August 27, 2008


someone has really hurt my feelings. I was lying there since morning, waiting for her to return, I had been a nice girl today. I looked around myself, ahh! not so dusty I believe. The bedsheet is clean, the floors look nice. All set!

....And then she comes. There is a visitor today! YAY! I thought, I should get nice compliments today. In the past few months, all the visitors have admired my beauty. So as expected I waited patiently for the two hours that they yapped away to glory! I was beginning to get a bit agitated by the "judging glances" the visitor was throwing at me. Literally, tearing my reputation apart, He hurt my feelings. Let alone a compliment he accused me of being DIRTY! I mean what the hell. She protested as well. I knew she would take my side. She works hard to keep me good looking, and this good for nothing visitor, just came strolling by and passed a verdict! NOT fair.

I won't take, and so won't she! I just know that. Well, the two weeks passed by, I was sad and she was mad. But then came the night of the mad party. She cleaned me up, spotless! Ah, I was looking just Fab!! I was proud of myself and i thanked her for the good job. And then the people started puring in... and in flowed the compliments. I was basking in glory. Ah! the pride and the satisfaction. Just wait till that snob comes back... this time I will show him who's dirty!!! huh!

Friday, August 22, 2008

All that I think I can do is just an image of my past.
What has happened for a reason... another one bites the dust.
Oh! if I feel i could have done better,
Dare I say nothing could have been better.
If this was the truth,
how I wish it was...
But that is never the truth,
at least not here, never here! I am always living in the past!