All That Glitters...

I love the smell of new! The touch, the feel, the works! There's a bit of new in everything, every other day. We need a pair of good eyes to see them- spot them in a crowded room of old. It glitters, it sparkles, and it stands out!

Times have been changing and destiny has taken it's course. Beautiful, unpredictable and uncanny. Roller-coaster rides and a whirlwind of 25 years later, here I am. I love travel, 'cos it really opens your mind, I like music 'cos it sets me free, I love to be in love 'cos lets me be me. I cook to heal my heart, dance to unchain my soul and I write to talk to me. I started this blog simply for the love of the written word. My mum said, never keep things bottled up. Write them all out on a crisp piece of paper, and it'll do wonders for your soul. When I started 'Mind at Work' a couple of years back I had no direction and no purpose for this. It remained my diary, my life. 'Artless Impulses' came as I grew into a whole new person: With an impulse to write, voice an opinion, to share and to contradict my thoughts sometimes.

Some lists will always go on, some people will always shine for you. I'll keep adding the glitters. Memories and anecdotes will be preserved. Pictures will speak a thousand words and life will take it's own course. Somethings can't be controlled, some emotions can't be expressed but through all that ... what stays on is love & spontaneity. It can't be tamed, it can't be judged, it'll never hide and it'll always make you shine.