Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Ring of Fire

Broken, dark and cold
Too much have been said and too many things to control.
Release her I say- 'Unaware, she was immersed'
She did whatever was told.

Twisting through the black clouds,
Horns on top et all
Here he comes, now he speaks aloud.
Release her you say? 'She knew her flaws'

Too late He said, as the fire burnt deep
Deep through her veins, and mercilessly within.
'Choose your fate, choose your death, choose the way you want to repent.'
Wide eyed I fall as she falls with me.
Never made it out but She is still with me.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

We Are Who We Are! (no i'm not singing yet)

Unforgivingly selfish we are,
Merchants of dreams that fade with the slightest turmoil, pseudo we are.
Daring enough to explore others but hide from selves:
Unexpectedly hypocrites we are.
Lost in unmeaningful pursuits, yet building stubborn architectures we are.

Where, when and how of us - lost in karaoke bars
Small joys and big pains, empty pockets with big plans
Gulping down generations of unsolved miseries,
Such weirdly sculpted species we are!

Solve us, save us, make us change.
Crying for help through stones and books of faith
Waiting for a messiah to resolve our pains..
Faithfully foolish we are!