Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Night That Was!

Mid-week parties are never the best ideas EVER. We know that well, we've been there and done that and in spite of that we did it again. :(

Thanks to my over enthusiastic bunch of friends we ended up partying last night, and here I am sitting at work staring at the screen for atleast 25 mins not knowing what to do. I am cranky, I am drowsy and I need a replacement head.

A couple of flashing images from last night included me saying 'this is my 6th drink' on every new drink, throwing eggs from the rooftop, renaming a firangi at the party as Govardhan, dancing to YMCA, and dancing till we dropped. Literally.

To add to my miseries, our Big Boss is in town and I had to sit with him on a 45 mins long lunch and talk about work related things, while trying to keep my eyes open. I really tried not to repeat words but I ended doing exactly that. :(

Now it's official- I am too old for mid-week parties and I'm officially denouncing any and every form of parties on a Wednesday/Thursday night.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's on my mind?

I didn't know what to post on FB today morning, cos there are too many things on my mind, and I certainly didn't want FB to black out due to information overload (silently cursing character limits). But, this is the best place for me to take it all out- and that's exactly what I intend to do.

Okay! I had to get this out of my system. There are several people around us who just wouldn't realize when to draw the line. At first, it's funny and you try to go with the flow.. but then it becomes difficult to follow. See, by encouraging these people to talk on, you have just made a biggest blooper ever, 'cos now they think you are really into this meta sorta conversation, which you are obviously not following now. And before you know it, they might just break a glass bowl by hurling it on the ground and say "oops, I think I pulled a Gorbachev".

By now you know this is a pointless post, but what the hell, I'mma gonna say whatever I want in my blog right?! Well, the next random thing on my mind is Stewie Griffin. Yea! What's up with that kid? like really??!! I think Family Guy should be renamed as Creepy Guy. That kid scares the hell outta me. What kind of a 1yr old is that ** shudder **!!

Ok, I'm almost done. Finally, I'm really worried about how I am going to end up as an old lady! I mean, look at me now, rambling like a 60 year old delusional hag, just imagine how much more insanity is in store for me when I actually get to that age. I might be like one of those old women who speak continuously in their sleep/semi-sleep. ** double shudder **

Enough rambling for today, time to get some work done!


Thursday, April 21, 2011

New background, Same old life!

In case you haven't noticed, I changed my blog background to add a touch of 'interesting' in my otherwise mundane day. The only good part is the fact that tomorrow is a holiday and hence hellooo.. long weekend!

Not that I am particularly enjoying the new background, btw.. it's just that it took me over an hour to get this up and now I'm too lazy to change it! Any color recommendations????!!!! please advise.

On a very unrelated yet interesting note- I have finally decided to get me a new precious! No, nothing bling, but something I wanted ever since I passed out of college. Check it out below and drool ya'll!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

And I'm back!

I'm alive and kicking! :D

The past week has been eventful no doubt, but more than that it has been amazingly satisfying. I opened a box full of memories with a smile on my face and then carefully wrapped them up in protective bubble wrap, set them down gently and closed the box again. I had denied them the privilege of my acknowledgment mainly because they might cause me more pain, but they surprised me. I was so obsessed with keeping them away, that I forgot that I needed them more than they needed me.

Closure. What a big word! We say it a lot but very rarely mean it. Maybe we don't understand it too much. That's one emotion conquered I say! The more I knew, the more I understood, the more I loved each moment of closure.

I'm me again. At peace with myself, with my choices and experiences, with my life et al..
..............................................................And I'm back! :D

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A note to my angry self!

Yea, just come back prancing around and expect me to stay cool! What were you thinking? You let the monkey off your back and placed a giant gorilla on my shoulders. You haven't answered any of my questions yet, and yet you want honesty?! How convenient, right!

Am I angry? Of course I am. I am furious. Furious at my own incapabilities and your poor sense of judgment. As far as I know, I have made the right choices in life, and will continue to do that in the future, but thanks to you.. now I will be making the right choices in life with a giant boulder tied to my conscience. I will contemplate and then some more.. and finally will be stuck with the burden of 'If's and 'but's.

Calm myself down, and take deep breaths. That's what I will do right now.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bye Bye Simpsons!

I'm not looking forward to heading home today. It's 10 past 9, and I'm still sitting at work. Even though I have cancelled my meeting, and procrastinating the other very important work that I have. I am still not going home. Usually, by this time, I feel the urge to head back home. You see, there are evils of staying alone. Like returning back to an empty apartment, heating up food doing some non-sense chores at odd hours, blah blah.. you get the drift.

But, the only good part about my daily (weekday) routine (ok this is going to sound very sad) is my TV line-ups. I generally start with Dexter, and then I watch Community at 11 pm, and then watch the Simpsons at 11:30. Now, Simpsons have been my favorite for a very long time - I just love the show, and even though Modern Family trumped it's old timings, ( I looove Modern Family btw)-I still stay awake to watch the show and then go to sleep. It's like a ritual.

Starting today, I have to say goodbye to Simpsons. They are bringing in Family Guy in its place! :| I know, I have heard a lot of hype around Family Guy blah blah blah.. I might even start enjoying the show. But for now, family guy just threw me off my schedule!!!!

I'm really gonna miss you Homer! :'( Come back to my TV screen soon!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We are the Champions!

What a feeling! What a feeling it is. After over two decades of waiting, anticipating, failing and cheering on some more, it's finally here! The headlines of the Sunday paper was crowded with only one news : India wins World Cup after 28 years.

I only remember the last few minutes after the match like a blur. It took some time to sink in, the feeling couldn't be described in concrete adjectives. If there is a word which brings together pride, joy, madness, euphoria etc etc.. that's the word I'm looking for. We cried, we laughed, we stared in disbelief while the boys in blue took their victory lap carrying the one man on their shoulders ' who carried the team for 21 years on his shoulders'. 'This Cup is for you Sachin', said the voices around us, and we all nodded in approval.

The streets of Delhi looked like a private party. This is the only time when we come together forgetting our race, culture, religion and personal/not-so-personal issues. Wishing random strangers on the road, mindlessly dancing on top of our cars and singing the national anthem with a group of unknown people at 2:30 AM - that's the spirit of cricket. That's just how we roll!

A short message to my dad -you are no longer the only generation with a World cup, we don't have to rely on those black and white pictures and those faded old stories of Kapil Dev. We have done it again, and this time we saw the win on HDTV!!! :P