Tuesday, April 5, 2011

We are the Champions!

What a feeling! What a feeling it is. After over two decades of waiting, anticipating, failing and cheering on some more, it's finally here! The headlines of the Sunday paper was crowded with only one news : India wins World Cup after 28 years.

I only remember the last few minutes after the match like a blur. It took some time to sink in, the feeling couldn't be described in concrete adjectives. If there is a word which brings together pride, joy, madness, euphoria etc etc.. that's the word I'm looking for. We cried, we laughed, we stared in disbelief while the boys in blue took their victory lap carrying the one man on their shoulders ' who carried the team for 21 years on his shoulders'. 'This Cup is for you Sachin', said the voices around us, and we all nodded in approval.

The streets of Delhi looked like a private party. This is the only time when we come together forgetting our race, culture, religion and personal/not-so-personal issues. Wishing random strangers on the road, mindlessly dancing on top of our cars and singing the national anthem with a group of unknown people at 2:30 AM - that's the spirit of cricket. That's just how we roll!

A short message to my dad -you are no longer the only generation with a World cup, we don't have to rely on those black and white pictures and those faded old stories of Kapil Dev. We have done it again, and this time we saw the win on HDTV!!! :P


  1. hehehe... HDTV n 3d TV generation..huh... :)

    congrats anyway... proud to b an indian.. :)

  2. heheheh yeah! We all are proud Indians for sure!

  3. Yaaaa....We can surely do away with all the bhashan of Kapil's Warriors....we have our own warriors now

  4. Yeah we won... a great victory indeed ad a great amalgam of posts here :) Well read the same story with a different outlook in my blog. :)

  5. Thanks Rachit, will surely take a peek at your outlook :)

  6. Yay! Congrats!

    Lovely post especially the part about every color and every creed coming together to celebrate. :)