Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where are the bad Guys?

Unlike a lot of other people I know, I get most of my brilliant ideas while I am cooking! I don't know for some reason my brain wanders off in weird directions while cooking. So, day before yesterday while I was making my famous mutton curry I got a brainwave while marinating the meat. Some random movie was playing in the background I think it was Forbidden kingdom! Anyhoo.. I started thinking about how cool our villains used to be earlier.

I mean they were a bunch of conniving evil freaks, yet they were extremely creative characters. They had the coolest names, the coolest costumes and THE COOLEST tagline/background tracks. AND, they added an entirely new perspective to the movie plots. Why? Let me explain - In the early years of Indian cinema, pretty much all movies had the essential three bestselling scenes-

1. The hero's old and vegetable-ish mother would get kidnapped by the horrid looking villain who would keep her captive in some random secret hide-out which would have the most advanced high-tech weapons of mass destruction. And, would have all sidekick villains dressed in some kind of evil-academy uniform.

2. The heroine will have at least one attempted rape scene where the hero would miraculously
come and save her sorry ass.

3. The epic battle vs good and evil where the hero will fight like a true champion to save heroine and vegetable mother from the clutches of the evil villain.

Now, this might seem to be extremely repetitive and mundane if not for the villains. The writers would actually go into great lengths to come up with the most evil plots and schemes that these villains would perform to get our attention. From costumes, to fake scars, to accents, to punchlines.. everything would be carefully customized to fit into the otherwise mundane script.

I really miss those villains. I really really do. Now Indian cinema is evolving and its all about creative story telling, screenplay, editing and "direction" and blah. But, what we don't get to see is some real action.. some hardcore entertainment. I mean Dabangg's Cheddi Singh just proves my theory right?! The moment you come up with the typical Masala Bollywood flick where the hero kicks villain's ass in the end:we are ecstatic. We are suckers for a good fight sequence.

In this post, I thought I would pay my respect to the unsung heroes villains in some of the most "hilariously written" as well as "well written" characters in Bollywood. So here goes my favorite top three:

Courtesy: Google Images

1.Gabbar Singh - the movie that redefined Indian cinema and epitomized the true notion of the real villain. This guy reeks evil, in fact evil is his last name. Ok wait, Sigh is his last name. Ya, evil is his middle name! Anyway, Not only did he chop off Thakur's hands and kill his family- he is also the most narcissistic villain of all times. He is proud of his 'wanted' status, and he proudly describes his evil actions and escapades. This one is top of my list - Sholay would have never been Sholay without Gabbar!

Courtesy: Google Images

2. Mogambo - By now, you got the drift around the names bit. I mean did Gabbar and Mogambo's parents purposely coin these names to fit their future evil avatar?!! bizarre! Anyway, moving along.. Mr.India was a cult movie for sure - our very own superhero. An invisible man who fights for justice, and a havoc reeking villain who wants to destroy the country and rule the world. Nothing gets better than this. Mogambo, as you can see from the costume was extremely fashion conscious and also made sure that his crew also dressed in a specific way. What can I say apart from 'Mogambo Khush hua'. In the most crucial ending scene of Mr. India when Mogambo's missile is about to hit Mumbai, Mr. India saves the day and stops the missile from taking its right course. While Mogambo's secret island goes up in flames, Mogambo takes his last breath and says 'Mogambo khush hua'!! * Sighh*

Courtesy: Google Images

3. Crime Master Gogo - Ok! enough pun with the names. But, seriously nothing beats Crime Master Gogo. Now, Andaaz Apna Apna is my all time favorite comedy, with my all time favorite villain Gogo!! I love this guy. I mean look at the cape!! He wants to play with his victim's eyeballs, dude that is just sick. The funniest villain in the history of Bollywood (apart from Jaani Dushman of course) - Ladies and gentlemen, we have GoGo!!!

Now, after seeing such creative characters who have graced us with their presence on silver screen, of course we crave more of such entertainers!! In fact I would like to give an honorable
mention to some more masterpiece villains of India cinema. In random order I have strung their pictures together below. Here's my salute/ rather a standing ovation to Neola, Dr. Dang and Shakaal for the amazing work that they have done in the not so amazing films.

Courtesy: Google Images

I wish we get more of these characters back in business bring back the age old tradition of good vs. evil in our movies!!!! Cheers** ;)


  1. Mogambo kush hua... after readin this post.... :D

  2. also i dont think we would be seein any characters like these in indian cinema ever again... :(

  3. Sadly, I think you are right!!

  4. I'm not familiar with Indian cinema, but Crime Master Gogo seems like he'd be right up my alley. Any villain with a penchant for hair gel and handlebar mustaches is A-OK in my book.

    American Cinema is sorely lacking with truly memorable and iconic villains as well. The last one I can think of is Hannibal Lector?

  5. Crime Master Gogo! My fav! :)

  6. Hahahahaha... amazing post.. Loved it totally.. It's sad there are no more Mogambos, Gabbars and Gogos in todays cinema..

    Very lively post. Replenished me, kinda :D..
    Keep writing!!


  7. Thanks Rohit! Glad you liked the post :)