Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Almost Never...

A thousand broken strings of thought.
On them I play on, play on the rhythm...
Of What is left and what I got!
I remember what I have given up,
Not that I regret... maybe backup is always a myth!
Times have changed and so have they!
If I tell them to come back today..
Maybe they will or maybe not!

I wrote this at a time when things looked not so great. It's unique really, the way time glides through your minds erasing most things that made you sit up at night. God Bless it for that. How many times do I recollect them and let out a silent prayer? Almost never. Sudden flashes or a dejavu. Maybe sometimes. But today, I want to thank and pray, show my gratitude towards the supreme power out there controlling our minds. I want to let Him know how much I appreciate Him for letting me move on and never look back. For every time I pushed my baggage away, and for every fresh start I made, I never got around to thank you. Almost Never.

So, here it goes- my most heartfelt..
'Thank You.'

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