Monday, March 14, 2011

The Blogothon begins........How I never wanna see you again!

Just because some random scientist has clubbed all humanity together and tagged us as social creatures, does not mean that we have to play along all the time.

Most of us can be perfectly unsocial in times of even dire emergencies. It's just a natural instinct I guess, how we avoid certain people for no rhyme or reason. For example, I am petrified of talking to my really old aunty-ish neighbour who creepily invites me for tea everytime she sees me. I know. This just sounds plain cold-blooded but some how she just reminds of the old lady from the story The Landlady. And, needless to say every time I hear her door budge, I start panicking with my own lock while trying to close the door and run away as fast as I can. It's perfectly natural (cold though) for me to behave like this with someone, even though there might not be a rational explanation behind this. I'm quite sure I know people who have done the same with someone or the other at some point of time. I remember a friend of mine once telling me that she avoided eye contact with a certain someone in a training room through out the training and avoided all his questions. You wanna know the reason!!?! Apparently, his haircut reminded her of an ex-boyfriend whom she wanted to cut into small pieces. * shudder * I don't know how something like same haircut can instigate her to act like a heartless monster in a corporate environment, but I really don't want to stray away from the topic here.

So, I have narrowed it down to two people who I never ever ever wanna see again, and would go to randomly weird lengths to make sure that I never have to interact with them ever. This is my People-Cause-Effect story of 'how i never wanna see you again'!

My high school math teacher- So, this guy used to give me tuitions, and I used to hate him. Like seriously. Creepy to the power infinity. He used to wear the same shirt every week when he would come over for tuitions and the shirt would be not only dirty, but also atleast two sizes smaller than his actual size. You could see his flabby belly sticking out from between the buttons. And he would carry an old practice copy around under his arm-pit! yeah, armpit which would smell of sweat all the time. Gross!!!! I used to have nightmares that I actually touched that copy once and I would wake up crying like a mental case at night. This is not the end of the story yet. He would actually get into details of how his wife left him for his neighbour and ran away leaving a 4 year old child behind. In spite of his sad story, I could really never bring myself to sympathize with him, and started scheming ways to get rid of him FOREVER. (no i don't mean murder) And eventually I did get rid of him, I told my Mom that he was over-charging me and that he was teaching my friend at half the price. That kind of sealed his fate. He later came to know that I was behind all this and that really really freaked me out even more. I am so glad that I never ran into him again, and I can not imagine what I would do if I actually did. My best bet would be to just run away. However, if I am in a crowded place, I would just pretend that I don't recognize him and would immediately call for help and get him arrested for stalking maybe.

A Girl I used to call my friend - This one's the winner really. If there is ever a case study written on the word 'traitor' by the oxford dictionary society or something, they will come to me and pay me good money to get this story, maybe. Yeah, not kidding. At one point of time we used to be close friends and shared a mutual admiration and passion for writing short stories, and sometimes even plots for school plays. The backstabber not only took some of my brilliant ideas, but also left me no choice but to step back from my own choreography. I would never ever forgive her for this. Even though it might seem a million light years away and an insignificant dot in the huge list of bad things that has happened to me over the years. This one still hurts. This is one forgiveness I have with-held for many years, and will continue to do so in the future. I had big plans of giving it back to her at one point of time, but today, I really wish that I never see her again. I have a lot of nasty stuff bottled in me for a very long time, and if I happen to meet her someday, I really don't know how I will react. I have played the scene many times in my head, and I think either of these two things can happen - A) I suddenly look at her and loose all sense of decency and humanity. I pounce on her. Scratch out her eyes or something, or maybe punch her in the face, beat her till she is out cold. And then end up in Jail.
B) I go upto her and deliver an emotional speech on how she disappointed me, and what a disgrace she is to the word friendship. And then pounce on her, scratch out her eyes.. end up in jail.

Looking at both the situations, I think it's best to pray that I never ever meet her. I have prepared myself to control my emotions and start running in the opposite direction if I ever come across her. God forbid if she thinks that we are too grown up to behave like this and starts coming towards me to talk or reconcile. Then, there is no way out. I believe I will end up in jail. So darling, for your own safety and mine, I wish I never run into you and definitely never wanna see you again.

That's all on this enlightning topic that I had to share with you guys. Thank you for voting, and stay tuned for ' How working out can kill you ' :P


  1. The story of your maths teacher was really funny..
    made me laugh...

  2. Trust me, it was not funny when he used to ramble on in between geometry lessons! lol ;P

  3. Your writing style is awesome! I love it!

    I have to agree. The math teacher story is hilarious. LOL. And I totally understand the friend thing. She betrayed your trust. That's a horrible feeling.

  4. Long time. Isn't it? How have you been?

  5. I'm great! :) what are you upto?

  6. The High School friend (former friend) creeps me out!!