Friday, September 21, 2012

This one's by mom...

For years, I've been telling my mom to start publishing her work online. My love is for the written word she'd say, not so much for the typed out version. Jokes apart, I made some serious attempts to make her post things online and needless to say the attempt was an epic fail. So, here's me.. taking things into my own hands and posting one of her recent works. For the Bengali poem lovers out there this one is surely a #moodlifteroftheday :)

    আমার জন্যে  তুমি ....

নীল পায়রা হও
চার্চ এর বাতি হও
সব কথা শুনব তোমার 
শরতের কাশফুল হলে -- 
আলোর বনে 
খুঁজবো  তোমায় 
শান্ত নদীর ডিঙ্গি নৌকা যদি --
ভেসে যাব অবেলায় 
ভোরের সানাই হও 
বাতাসের কানে 
সেতারের সুর হয়ে এসো 
            কোনো এক রাতে।

                                                                        -সহেলি  রায় 

Monday, September 3, 2012

The year that was and the conversation that almost never happened.

How have you been I asked myself. The year wasn't too shabby I guess. Well, not that you achieved much. I'm not much of an achiever, plus, I'd like to go with the flow please. 
When will you stop being such a unplanned disaster. Umm, I think the word you are looking for is happy-go-lucky noh? Not really, but since you are adamant on not taking yourself seriously, I'd say you have done a good job last year - also reminding you again, you are not getting any younger. Not even older and wiser I guess, but loving it nonetheless. I'll leave the cribbing to when I'm 30 & living with two cats & a bunch of birds. 

A couple of awesome trips, a swanky new apartment, great times with friends & family and someone to share my thoughts with. Last year was generous for sure. I aint feeling too bad about getting older now. So, I blew out some candles & made another wish. This was an extra special year for sure, and this birthday might have been extra special too for some reasons... whatever it may be,
I'm hoping for more drama & more crazies with one more extra candle to blow out, so don't let me down bugger.