Monday, May 21, 2012

Decor weekend!

A couple of hectic weekends later, finally we had a breather. There's nothing like a lazy Saturday at home, so Roony and I utilized it to the fullest. Batman was out visiting his folks - so the two ladies at home got to work. But first, some beer to start the day was mandatory!

A washing machine, a couple of ceramic pots, curtains and collectibles later we finally added the" attention to detail" element which our brand new apartment craved for days. I'll let the pictures do the talking now. Mostly.
The exquisite lights were a gift from Dad, when he came visiting this time. <3
These decals were a gift to Roony for her b'day and we put 'em to some good use!
.... And then there's me room, we bought some nice covers & a bright new picture for the wall to match!

Waiting for the next weekend now - kitchen & Batman's room need major make-over! Also, there's the DIY that I need to finish off!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


To drown out the mid-week crisis I shopped. A lot. Last two days I've been shopping like crazy! Damn you e-commerce. On a bored, life-less, dull & disappointing day: e-commerce is to me what a tub of creamy chocolate ice cream  is to heartbroken girl. Pure bliss & unadulterated indulgence.
The highlight of this week's shoppathon are the exquisite little pieces of of junk J I bagged. One of my favorites..  :)

This one's from here - a site I have started loving, especially the junk J and the dresses!

What blindsided me was the impulse to buy a matching little black dress that goes with this pretty little thing! Oh, and did I mention that I am almost broke now. Mental note - must transfer leftover money to mom before the little black dress kung fu's me over! Ok, no more shopping this month. Which is kind of a bad resolution to follow through when you work for an E-commerce website! Intervention is required people. Divine one at that!

Reformed Shoppaholic!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Oh God, it's mid-week!

Yeah! this kind of sums it up!

Historically I've seen some bad Wednesdays. It's the grand-daddy of all bad weekdays for me. Makes me feel like I don't belong anywhere. Ok, this gif is distracting me now, and not letting me write what I want to write, I wish there was a way to stop this. I desperately need some good music, some nice pins on my board and some generic gossip to cheer me up. On days like these, I contemplate. I think a lot and get nothing done. Then I harass some of my girlfriends and drive them to a frenzy by discussing closely related life issues that they didn't wanna think about. I judge my life top to toe and perform imaginary inspections & makeovers that almost never follow through.

Ok enough rambling. Suggest some good music to keep me occupied and out of trouble.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Weekend break = super sunburns & dehydration

So we took on the badass rapids this weekend and came out victorious. Battle scars are obviously there.. bruised knee & scratches on skin, along with a tan (sorry burn) that is refusing to go away.

This was my first trip to Rishikesh and I have to admit that I was a little freaked out by the idea of rafting through the gigantic rapids. But I fell in love with the water as soon as I fell into it! After a trial run & screaming my lungs out "My life jacket isn't working" I gave in. Batman obviously fell in the water right at the mouth of a rapid called double trouble, got scolded by the instructor and got laughed at. We floated around for a while, made human chains in the water, had maggi in the pouring rain on top of the rocks & smoked half wet cigarettes. Life is good!

Even though I am extremely dehydrated, burnt & bruised I'd do it all over again! If you didn't have a fun enough weekend - here's something fun to cheer you up...

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Little D.I.Y and I love you with all my vestigial organs...

I've been writing a lot less lately. No shit. In between shifting houses, changing jobs, weekend trips and keeping up with my otherwise crazy life, writing has taken a back seat. In true bong style, I'll say 'MUST rectify'.

So Im planning this cool DIY at home (all my friends who are reading this know that I am that lazy person who doesn't get up to switch off the AC even if I am frozen to death). Anyhoo, I take their rolling eyes to my stride and move on. Yes, I have narrowed down on a project which seems fun and do-able. Imma gonna call it the tree of love. The plan is to get a sexy decal for my bedroom wall: some thing like the ones you get on (see below)

And then, get some of those nice hangy wall frame thingys. I'm still looking for the perfect ones. (If you find them send 'em my way)
                                                          you can check out others here

The plan is to put up pictures of my 'Love moments' and try to create an illusion of them hanging from the branch. I looked around the World Wide Web which I oh so luurrve and found an exact match with what I am thinking! So cool no! I have some brillianto pichas with my favorite girlfriends, my fatso bitch of a brother and some travel snaps that I must arrange & hang on these branches. I would have started this weekend but I am going on another weekend trip (to hrishikesh) with the mad gang, so this will get pushed to next weekend. Nevertheless, this project has success written all over it!

Another awesome thing happened btw! I found this funny as hell comic strip sorta blog - reposting strips from there. This one is out to Batman who had his vestigial organ removed recently. I love you with all my vestigial organs too! ;)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On the Bright Side...

There is always something better.

A small window somewhere through which you push your worries out.
Somewhere they are baking delicious cupcakes.
Your mom found your old pictures and tucked them away safely.
A shiny new pair of earrings arrived at a shop near you. Just for you.
The freak expensive dress that you loved went on sale.
No one turned down your ideas today.
Some one thought of you and smiled or maybe laughed at your silliness.

#OnTheBrightSide you are alive and kicking, if that's not something you care about then I'd better stop listing things out.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Dear Life...

How can you be so volatile?
Why do you create support structures and break them one at a time?
How are you creating so much hostility out of every positive action?
Why are your wants never-ending?

Let's break up for a while, I don't think this is working out for now.