Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Little D.I.Y and I love you with all my vestigial organs...

I've been writing a lot less lately. No shit. In between shifting houses, changing jobs, weekend trips and keeping up with my otherwise crazy life, writing has taken a back seat. In true bong style, I'll say 'MUST rectify'.

So Im planning this cool DIY at home (all my friends who are reading this know that I am that lazy person who doesn't get up to switch off the AC even if I am frozen to death). Anyhoo, I take their rolling eyes to my stride and move on. Yes, I have narrowed down on a project which seems fun and do-able. Imma gonna call it the tree of love. The plan is to get a sexy decal for my bedroom wall: some thing like the ones you get on (see below)

And then, get some of those nice hangy wall frame thingys. I'm still looking for the perfect ones. (If you find them send 'em my way)
                                                          you can check out others here

The plan is to put up pictures of my 'Love moments' and try to create an illusion of them hanging from the branch. I looked around the World Wide Web which I oh so luurrve and found an exact match with what I am thinking! So cool no! I have some brillianto pichas with my favorite girlfriends, my fatso bitch of a brother and some travel snaps that I must arrange & hang on these branches. I would have started this weekend but I am going on another weekend trip (to hrishikesh) with the mad gang, so this will get pushed to next weekend. Nevertheless, this project has success written all over it!

Another awesome thing happened btw! I found this funny as hell comic strip sorta blog - reposting strips from there. This one is out to Batman who had his vestigial organ removed recently. I love you with all my vestigial organs too! ;)

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