Monday, May 21, 2012

Decor weekend!

A couple of hectic weekends later, finally we had a breather. There's nothing like a lazy Saturday at home, so Roony and I utilized it to the fullest. Batman was out visiting his folks - so the two ladies at home got to work. But first, some beer to start the day was mandatory!

A washing machine, a couple of ceramic pots, curtains and collectibles later we finally added the" attention to detail" element which our brand new apartment craved for days. I'll let the pictures do the talking now. Mostly.
The exquisite lights were a gift from Dad, when he came visiting this time. <3
These decals were a gift to Roony for her b'day and we put 'em to some good use!
.... And then there's me room, we bought some nice covers & a bright new picture for the wall to match!

Waiting for the next weekend now - kitchen & Batman's room need major make-over! Also, there's the DIY that I need to finish off!

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