Tuesday, May 8, 2012

On the Bright Side...

There is always something better.

A small window somewhere through which you push your worries out.
Somewhere they are baking delicious cupcakes.
Your mom found your old pictures and tucked them away safely.
A shiny new pair of earrings arrived at a shop near you. Just for you.
The freak expensive dress that you loved went on sale.
No one turned down your ideas today.
Some one thought of you and smiled or maybe laughed at your silliness.

#OnTheBrightSide you are alive and kicking, if that's not something you care about then I'd better stop listing things out.


  1. I think I really need this. But hey, where are my earrings and where is that dress? =P
    Have a fab week x

  2. lol... go for a walk - you'll find them!