Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Black Rose...

Somethings- too insignificant,
Somethings- so vague..
When I turn back time I see..
Moments of Grace fade.

Things I said to bring you back,
Things you said to keep me from going..
Things.. Do they matter anymore?
Things never stopped us from moving.

We moved like waves with wind,
We cried like the silent stars,
We glittered like them miles away...
We loved each other Miles Apart.

Distance so close in between,
Pricks me like a Thorn on a Rose,
Smells like the sweet taste of Blood
Looks just like a Blood stained Rose.

Stay in the depth of my eyes
The Lids I close to turn time around..
Now, even if we hold the Glass,
Sand will still flow unbound!

Is it you?

Its the first time you have written to me in the last five years. I dont know whether to be happy or sad at the content of your love letter. Is it full of love or is it full of your anger? In all these years you have never left me a note, not even a postaid/sticky pad. How the hell do I react to your long email written at 2:30 in the night? I don't know.

You tell me where I went wrong. Did I expect too much from you? Or have we really taken each other for granted. Maybe its time for us to open our eyes and see how much of a pillar we are for each other. I know I tend to put all my load on you. I know, if I am angry at the world I shout at you. Its the way I have been for the last five years. I am not a romantic, nor am I impulsive. I can't guarantee you that I will be the girl of your dreams! I may not be expressive when it comes to my love for you. But that is because I think you know how much you mean to me. Today, when I read your letter I asked myself, is this really you... This is not the man I knew for the last five years.

I am happy that you have opened your heart to me. For the first time I feel liberated, and its only because you expressed. Thank you for writing to me....

Friday, January 23, 2009

What Animal are you??

So, how many of us waste hours on Facebok applications? I guess most of us! Let me remind myself of the Facebook anthem and then I can go on with the real deal of this post.

*"Facebook is a crime,
When People have too much time,
Sending me requests
IQ and Brain Tests.
Its no F**king joke
I dont like to SuperPoke!
scrabulous, hotness... Update my status!
.....Im getting bored of Facebook
So don't invite me, throw a sheep or bite me.
I hate applications, there are far too many
And I don't use any!

So, I came across the application Which Animal am I? Seriously, you are a full grown Human being. Why! Why would you like to know which Animal are you. Im telling you which animal you are... You are bloody Homo Sapiens and behave like them please!

I understand the deal of people giving each other cute animal names like.. Hey Honeybee, or hey Bitch! But this is just too much for me. Normal day to day animal gossip in the office is still normal, for example.. 'Oh he is such a Dog, or she looks like a hippo in those too tight pair of Jeans..' Or for example people fondly christening each other to freak them out. For example my friendly neighborhood cubies: Neha and Divya! Well Divya thinks Neha looks like a Momma Kachhua (mother turtle)! Well, come to think of it, even I thought (with the jacket hood on) she did resemble a turtle!! (;P) but then coming back to the point, I am sure Neha did not appoint Divya to find out which animal she resembles!!!

Well, if you guys have any clue as to why sane minded human beings go to application *Which Animal Am I??* and anxiously wait to see the results, please contact me at my email Address. I am very interested in learning a few things here and there about these very interesting individuals!

Thank You.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Chandnichowk to Hell!!

When your friends give you advice on not to watch a movie! listen to them.. pls!
Well, I didn't and went ahead and watched ChandniChowk to China... and Oh My God! did I regret watching it or what...!

To give you some background, the last movie I watched was SlumDog Millionaire, so I was in a feel-good-movie-mood. And my poor unsuspecting soul was exposed to the tremendous torture of what we call a slash-brain-humor. I felt like jumping in to the screen, and slapping those Pseudo-Chinese men! Well, to start with... Akshay Kumar has a fake paunch, which miraculously disappears after some time when he starts doing Kung-Fu. Well, we shouldn't call it Kung-Fu.. we should call it Magic-Fu. Cos the things he that he is doing, is not possible even with Kung-Fu. I don't think I have seen even Jackie Chan or Superstar Rajni Sir (:P) do all those stuff (Pun very much intended ;P).

Deepika Padukone is playing twins (O-Mah-Gosh). One sista is Indian and One sista is Chinese (utter painfull Ram Shyam combination who get lost in Kumbh ka Mela, well the only difference is that they get separated at the great Wall of China). By this time, I was left speechless... I thought I would catch up some sleep, but the horrid sound effects didn't let me sleep either! Wat torture... :|

And then to add to my misery, a flying hat kills Mithun Chakraborthy and Akshay kumar gets Pissed on!!!!!!! WTF! I had it, I had to know how far Nikhil Advani can go with this non sense. But then he surprised me. I think he even out-surprised himself. Akshay kumar returns aheemm... Kung-Fu Kumar returns to avenge the murder of Mithoon AKA Dada. And he plays Moses!!! Oh Yes!! He plays Moses! So, the movie is targeted towards an audience which includes: Indians, Chinese and Jews. (Grrrr...)

Being the Kung-Fu Kumar AKA Moses, he uses his Magical Kung-Fu to separate the waves of the river around him.. the waves raise up and wash out the bad guys. Phew!! After this mindless torture, Meow Meow (Errr.. that is the name of Chinese Deepika Padukone!!) starts doing some Kung-Fu of her own Genre!!! While Poor Indian Deepika is deprived of all the fun and Kung-Fu-Frolic.

Well, by the end of the movie, my brains were screaming for mercy, and all I wanted to do was to go and kill myself by one of those chinese Flying hats!! :P

Anyone of you.. Please if you find that flying sharp hat thingy... Please email ASAP.. I have a hitlist in mind!! ;D

Monday, January 12, 2009

DreamWorld of an Ex-shopaholic...

So I admit! I am a freak.. I am a shopomaniac! The World SALE seems like Magic to me, its like saving money. When A banker hears investment, or savings they feel content and happy! When I hear the word investment and savings.. I hear the word *Broke* in my head! Its such a shame.. I have been working in one of the most famous companies in the world!! and not that they pay me in billions, but for a single person, I earn for a decent living. But then.. sadly in the last one and a half years I have saved Zilch! I have zero savings and I am the shopaholic of the century (Im sure there are more women like me out there... I hope there are!!).

It was on a very lazy Sunday afternoon when I realized that maybe.. just maybe I overspend at times. I mean... my holiday bonus of almost 20k gone.. whooosh!! My extra pay for the month (after the pretty nice salary hike!!) GONE again..!! So, I realize, if this continues I will be upto my neck in credit card bills in no time. But, the shopaholic reformation happened later that nite! As I lay in Bed, thinking how mad I went after looking at the SALE signs of Carlton London, La Senza, NEXT, and French Connection... I realized just what I had done. In the last three months I have shopped for nothing less than 45 K. Yes! people, call me mad, call me idiot and call me a psycho shopper! but thats all true! cos I am all of them. I have no self restraint, no self control, the mall is my Holy Ground and the sign of a Flat 50% discount is where I attain Nirvana....

SO, I have made up my mind! now I am reformed, I have changed my ways of expensive living.. and Oh-So-expensive-unplanned Shopping sprees and save money! I have decided that I won't shop till my birthday( well I have to shop on my birthday!! duh!). So till the 1st of September I am going to be an Ex-Shopaholic! :D and I just hope that I can stay on with this great burden of self reformation for that long!! Also, I realized, if I wash, iron and neatly arrange all my clothes (which by the way have spilled out of my cupboard and in to the next room) and arrange all my shoes properly, then I would be able to last for atleast six to seven months of variety and good clothes! There ares sooo many clothes that I haven't even put on once! I have to finish wearing all of them and I will start rearranging my clothes and shoes in the next weekend. YAY!

And as for the MasterPlan. I have decided to save up some amount of money every month going forward and tuck it away in a far away place, then when I have saved up enough money, I will go on a long desired vacation to Maldives. And then in another year, I can save up for a nice car, and I can take my parents for a nice vacation.. maybe the backwaters of Kerela!! It feels nice to be able to do all that (provided I stop the screaming voice inside my head which is screaming * Benetton Sale season is Coming up you fool * ....

But then, I have left those days behind me... I want to believe in myself now! and my new motto is.. I CAN AND I WILL... !! :D

Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year Resolutions!... Err what!?!

Well, lets not make it look like a childish concept. We all do it!.. some of us do it aloud and make it a public display of ideation, while some of us prefer to keep it behind closed doors. But the bottom line is that we all do it. Yes, New year's resolution is something which all of us have in mind, and I must confess I am one of those people who silently make up resolutions and never ever follow them through for more than the first week of January. So what I wanna do here is, I wanna know how many of you guys actually follow through your resolutions? Please inspire me!!

For example, I made up a resolution this year that I will not indulge myself into mindless shopping and save up some money for the Australia trip that I have in mind. Also, I made a resolution to lose some weight! (not that I am fat, but just to keep myself more healthy :P)

However, as I approach the second week of January I find myself to be quite cashless :P and I have not lost any weight (rather I think I have put some on :D). Oh Dear God, bless those souls out there who have the strength and capacity to religiously follow their resolutions. God bless their dedication and commitment!! :P

And Guys, I am still waiting for those success stories! please pass them along!! I might get motivated! :)

P.S. "But the Irony lies some where else. Next year I may decide that my new
year's resolution will be that I will not have any resolutions at all, but
then I will end up making some stupid resolutions thus breaking the
resolution of making no resolution at all.."

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I'd rather be a boy!

"If I were a Boy
I think I could Understand
How it feels to love a girl
I swear I'd be a better man..

I'd listen to her
Cos I know how it hurts
When you lose the one you wanted
Cos he's taking you for granted
And everything you had got destroyed.

If I were a Boy
I think I could Understand
How it feels to love a girl
I swear I'd be a better man!"

If only I was granted one wish, I would be a boy for a day and see how it feels to do as you wish, and not be accountable to numerous amount of mistakes made. I want to be in those shoes that walk out of the door untouched and unaffected by accusations and reasoning. By the grace of Almighty, men have been blessed with a mind over a soul. I want to posses that mind that listens to no one but himself, I want to be rude, unpredictable and forgetful.

But then again, I think, why should I be a boy who is one among the many other insensitive creeps running around the place! I'd rather be a boy who listens, I'd rather be a boy who calls first after a fight, who forgives faster than he forgets, I'd rather be a boy who understands the true meaning of commitment and promise. I'd rather be a boy who treats women as equal decision makers and not someone they can fall back on when they fail. I wanna be a boy who doesn't live on whims and can learn to leave his selfish interests behind. I want to be a Boy who is capable of what we women call Compromise!

Monday, January 5, 2009

A post: From A Friend, For a Friend, and By A Friend!!

Okay! I admit the line is little Tacky!! But then I had to post an article written by a friend of mine... Why!?! simply cos I liked it and I wanted my friends to read it too. Again, just to remind you guys, I am posting this write up because the friend of mine, who btw works in a renowned Bank, doesn't get the time (I believe he is plain Lazy) to start a Blog! He writes and keeps it hidden (which I hate!!).. So this time, I decided to Flaunt my friend's Post instead!.... Good Work Debu. I hope, I have motivated you enough to start a Blog now! :D

" The Budget Mysteries..!!

We never celebrated Valentine’s Day growing up. But that doesn’t mean our
Februaries were fallow. Because we always had the Union Budget.
A little background. My father is a businessman and my mother is a Masters
in Comparative Literature from Jadavpur University. Thus watching the
budget was a family ritual- Dad would be taking down notes and Maa would be
engrossed in the proceedings while I counted the seconds as to when this
torture would end.

Coming back to the main point, I personally never understood the Budget
process or why the entire nation should go ga-ga over it. It always seemed
to me to be a kind of a socialistic hangover (like the Five Year Plans)
where the assumption was that national economy was guided more by
government policy (i.e. its system of tariffs) and less by the market. Of
course this opinion could be because of my naiveté in economics—I never
studied it—only smelt the tomes of Samuelson, Jones, and McKenzie as they
sat on the bookshelves near the TV.

Also each Budget to me sounded just like the one before. The reactions to
it were also unfailingly similar—-the ruling party would call it a “dream
budget”,” a budget for the common man” while the opposition would call it

The biggest mysteries however were the articles on which tariffs were
imposed or removed each year. Let’s see what’s cheaper this year! Pasta.
Now why would “pasta” need to be made cheaper?

Okay issue solved. I got it. We have an Italian as the de-facto ruler of
India. She must have made some phone calls.

Though I somewhat understand the lowering of duties, but what about the
articles that will cost more? Does their selection follow any logic?

For instance, why does “Henna powder” cost more this year? May be a
demented minded road side Romeo in the ministry thought…hmmm which goods
can be taxed more…let’s see let’s see………aha…Henna powder. But why? Was it
because he was dissatisfied with the Henna he was using and decided “screw
the industry”? Or was it…even I don’t know..!!

A few years ago, when the government levied a tariff on zari (the sparking
thing on the lining of a sari)—-was it because of an official’s disgust
with Shefali Zariwala’s inappropriate show in “Kaanta Laga”? Was it the
same reason why tariffs on hosiery also went up that year?

Or are the folks at the Finance Ministry more benign?—they just have a
million chits with names of products on them, throw them into a gigantic
hat and get Ram Singh, the official Parliamentary monkey to choose winners
(losers in this case).

I never asked Dad these questions. Maybe it’s time I did.

Best of Luck Maa and Dad. Many more happy budgets to you.

I am sure you are proud of your son’s understanding of economics."