Friday, January 23, 2009

What Animal are you??

So, how many of us waste hours on Facebok applications? I guess most of us! Let me remind myself of the Facebook anthem and then I can go on with the real deal of this post.

*"Facebook is a crime,
When People have too much time,
Sending me requests
IQ and Brain Tests.
Its no F**king joke
I dont like to SuperPoke!
scrabulous, hotness... Update my status!
.....Im getting bored of Facebook
So don't invite me, throw a sheep or bite me.
I hate applications, there are far too many
And I don't use any!

So, I came across the application Which Animal am I? Seriously, you are a full grown Human being. Why! Why would you like to know which Animal are you. Im telling you which animal you are... You are bloody Homo Sapiens and behave like them please!

I understand the deal of people giving each other cute animal names like.. Hey Honeybee, or hey Bitch! But this is just too much for me. Normal day to day animal gossip in the office is still normal, for example.. 'Oh he is such a Dog, or she looks like a hippo in those too tight pair of Jeans..' Or for example people fondly christening each other to freak them out. For example my friendly neighborhood cubies: Neha and Divya! Well Divya thinks Neha looks like a Momma Kachhua (mother turtle)! Well, come to think of it, even I thought (with the jacket hood on) she did resemble a turtle!! (;P) but then coming back to the point, I am sure Neha did not appoint Divya to find out which animal she resembles!!!

Well, if you guys have any clue as to why sane minded human beings go to application *Which Animal Am I??* and anxiously wait to see the results, please contact me at my email Address. I am very interested in learning a few things here and there about these very interesting individuals!

Thank You.

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  1. and your status message was 'dont ping, please email' so you could write all this? :o