Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Is it you?

Its the first time you have written to me in the last five years. I dont know whether to be happy or sad at the content of your love letter. Is it full of love or is it full of your anger? In all these years you have never left me a note, not even a postaid/sticky pad. How the hell do I react to your long email written at 2:30 in the night? I don't know.

You tell me where I went wrong. Did I expect too much from you? Or have we really taken each other for granted. Maybe its time for us to open our eyes and see how much of a pillar we are for each other. I know I tend to put all my load on you. I know, if I am angry at the world I shout at you. Its the way I have been for the last five years. I am not a romantic, nor am I impulsive. I can't guarantee you that I will be the girl of your dreams! I may not be expressive when it comes to my love for you. But that is because I think you know how much you mean to me. Today, when I read your letter I asked myself, is this really you... This is not the man I knew for the last five years.

I am happy that you have opened your heart to me. For the first time I feel liberated, and its only because you expressed. Thank you for writing to me....


  1. Things just happen. Let them flow, as you yourself said, don't be impulsive. Life is Beautiful. A happy blog entry I guess :)

  2. Love is like Beer...after the intial fizz it settles down...till you pour it in again into the glass for a refill.....seems like you just got your refill :)

    Cheers and take care!!

  3. Staneeee!!! What happened? :| I have to call you!

    PS: But you are impulsive! :P