Monday, January 12, 2009

DreamWorld of an Ex-shopaholic...

So I admit! I am a freak.. I am a shopomaniac! The World SALE seems like Magic to me, its like saving money. When A banker hears investment, or savings they feel content and happy! When I hear the word investment and savings.. I hear the word *Broke* in my head! Its such a shame.. I have been working in one of the most famous companies in the world!! and not that they pay me in billions, but for a single person, I earn for a decent living. But then.. sadly in the last one and a half years I have saved Zilch! I have zero savings and I am the shopaholic of the century (Im sure there are more women like me out there... I hope there are!!).

It was on a very lazy Sunday afternoon when I realized that maybe.. just maybe I overspend at times. I mean... my holiday bonus of almost 20k gone.. whooosh!! My extra pay for the month (after the pretty nice salary hike!!) GONE again..!! So, I realize, if this continues I will be upto my neck in credit card bills in no time. But, the shopaholic reformation happened later that nite! As I lay in Bed, thinking how mad I went after looking at the SALE signs of Carlton London, La Senza, NEXT, and French Connection... I realized just what I had done. In the last three months I have shopped for nothing less than 45 K. Yes! people, call me mad, call me idiot and call me a psycho shopper! but thats all true! cos I am all of them. I have no self restraint, no self control, the mall is my Holy Ground and the sign of a Flat 50% discount is where I attain Nirvana....

SO, I have made up my mind! now I am reformed, I have changed my ways of expensive living.. and Oh-So-expensive-unplanned Shopping sprees and save money! I have decided that I won't shop till my birthday( well I have to shop on my birthday!! duh!). So till the 1st of September I am going to be an Ex-Shopaholic! :D and I just hope that I can stay on with this great burden of self reformation for that long!! Also, I realized, if I wash, iron and neatly arrange all my clothes (which by the way have spilled out of my cupboard and in to the next room) and arrange all my shoes properly, then I would be able to last for atleast six to seven months of variety and good clothes! There ares sooo many clothes that I haven't even put on once! I have to finish wearing all of them and I will start rearranging my clothes and shoes in the next weekend. YAY!

And as for the MasterPlan. I have decided to save up some amount of money every month going forward and tuck it away in a far away place, then when I have saved up enough money, I will go on a long desired vacation to Maldives. And then in another year, I can save up for a nice car, and I can take my parents for a nice vacation.. maybe the backwaters of Kerela!! It feels nice to be able to do all that (provided I stop the screaming voice inside my head which is screaming * Benetton Sale season is Coming up you fool * ....

But then, I have left those days behind me... I want to believe in myself now! and my new motto is.. I CAN AND I WILL... !! :D


  1. but the benetton sale is coming up you FOOOOL!!!!!

    Anyway, am proud of you and I shall be mean like I promised and hold you off from shopping, sale or no sale! :D And am sooo glad you're doing this!

  2. Oh Nooo.. I forgot about the Benetton sale!!!

  3. A nice resolution for a new year, Cheers.
    "The Bentton sale is coming up."
    This is just to remind you of sale [read resolution] :D