Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year Resolutions!... Err what!?!

Well, lets not make it look like a childish concept. We all do it!.. some of us do it aloud and make it a public display of ideation, while some of us prefer to keep it behind closed doors. But the bottom line is that we all do it. Yes, New year's resolution is something which all of us have in mind, and I must confess I am one of those people who silently make up resolutions and never ever follow them through for more than the first week of January. So what I wanna do here is, I wanna know how many of you guys actually follow through your resolutions? Please inspire me!!

For example, I made up a resolution this year that I will not indulge myself into mindless shopping and save up some money for the Australia trip that I have in mind. Also, I made a resolution to lose some weight! (not that I am fat, but just to keep myself more healthy :P)

However, as I approach the second week of January I find myself to be quite cashless :P and I have not lost any weight (rather I think I have put some on :D). Oh Dear God, bless those souls out there who have the strength and capacity to religiously follow their resolutions. God bless their dedication and commitment!! :P

And Guys, I am still waiting for those success stories! please pass them along!! I might get motivated! :)

P.S. "But the Irony lies some where else. Next year I may decide that my new
year's resolution will be that I will not have any resolutions at all, but
then I will end up making some stupid resolutions thus breaking the
resolution of making no resolution at all.."

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