Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Black Rose...

Somethings- too insignificant,
Somethings- so vague..
When I turn back time I see..
Moments of Grace fade.

Things I said to bring you back,
Things you said to keep me from going..
Things.. Do they matter anymore?
Things never stopped us from moving.

We moved like waves with wind,
We cried like the silent stars,
We glittered like them miles away...
We loved each other Miles Apart.

Distance so close in between,
Pricks me like a Thorn on a Rose,
Smells like the sweet taste of Blood
Looks just like a Blood stained Rose.

Stay in the depth of my eyes
The Lids I close to turn time around..
Now, even if we hold the Glass,
Sand will still flow unbound!


  1. You... kahan se chori kiya... or that you hv so much phokat time in ur office...

  2. Just because you lack creativity, does not mean everybody else is as uncreative as you are. :P

  3. That was not supposed to be posted.... Huh... I hate you... :)

  4. hahaahahahahaha

    sweet revenge!!!