Friday, March 11, 2011

The elephant in my room that I am not talking about, the uninspiring ideas & the upcoming Blogothon!

Im not in a particularly amusing mood today, and nothing happy/funny or random has happened to me this week, which I can write about. In the most uncanny way possible the only big thing of this week is something that I absolutely can not put down in words- because it's gonna open a up a can of worms in my own head and then I will go on fidgeting with it for the rest of the month. (yes there is an elephant in my room and I am ignoring it). But putting that aside, I really feel the need to write something (anything) every week or so, and therefore I was really hammering myself to come up with something that I can write about. And Blank. There is literally nothing I can think of. So, I thought of injecting myself with some inspiration and googled it! Yea. I googled 100 exciting blog topics. Now that I said it out loud, I can't believe that I did that. I googled blog topics!!!!! But you know what was even more shocking that this!! The weirdass ideas that the search results threw up. I don't wanna hurt any feelings here but the number one search result has a certain someone who lists these as blog post ideas- how I use my facebook? and Telling my boss about social media! Ok, I am like whoa!!! This is so not inspiring me!

I can probably come up with a better list of things to blog about (even though, I might not do it right now) so, I spent some time today in the morning, thinking about what I should write about and grouped them in order of Randomness/Funny and Intentionally Insulting. And since, words are not being friendly with me today - I have decided to just list the topics out and get some responses from my blogosphere friends on which are the sureshot best posts to go with. The next week will be so much more fun when I actually start writing on these topics, so please please please (pretty please) tell me which are the posts that you guys really wanna see on this blog.

Here goes the crazy list--

1. Clowns.
2. Guys who pee out the balcony/window
3. Scary Pigeons
4. How working out can kill you.

Intentionally Insulting
1. Floral Denims 101
2. The return on the Pelvic Thrust
3. How I never want to meet you.
4. Justin Bieber

I am really hoping to find out which are the jewels amongst these eight that I wanna write about next week and narrow it down to mammoth posts that will rock my world with pride and sense of self adulation. So drop a hint and let the ramblings begin!


  1. My top votes goes to:
    How I never want to meet you ;)

  2. 1. How working out can kill you.
    2. How I never want to meet you - This one definitely needs to be there :)

  3. I vote for "How working out can kill you" :)

  4. My vote goes to:

    -How working out can kill you
    -How I never want to meet you


    Damn, I'm looking forward to this!

  5. I'd most definitely want to read 'Guys who pee out the balcony/window'!! :D
    2nd vote: How working out can kill you