Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Night That Was!

Mid-week parties are never the best ideas EVER. We know that well, we've been there and done that and in spite of that we did it again. :(

Thanks to my over enthusiastic bunch of friends we ended up partying last night, and here I am sitting at work staring at the screen for atleast 25 mins not knowing what to do. I am cranky, I am drowsy and I need a replacement head.

A couple of flashing images from last night included me saying 'this is my 6th drink' on every new drink, throwing eggs from the rooftop, renaming a firangi at the party as Govardhan, dancing to YMCA, and dancing till we dropped. Literally.

To add to my miseries, our Big Boss is in town and I had to sit with him on a 45 mins long lunch and talk about work related things, while trying to keep my eyes open. I really tried not to repeat words but I ended doing exactly that. :(

Now it's official- I am too old for mid-week parties and I'm officially denouncing any and every form of parties on a Wednesday/Thursday night.


  1. I can understand it how much it's difficult to keep your eyes open when you are least interested in it..

  2. Following this blog..I liked the content..quite refreshing..

    I recently discovered that mid age women start feel like getting old(like 55-60 yr old)...

  3. At least its over right? hahaa

  4. Thanks for following Prasad :)

  5. hahahhaha...I KNOW. Let's promise never to do that to ourselves again. The after party Zombie look ain't cool bitch!