Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What's on my mind?

I didn't know what to post on FB today morning, cos there are too many things on my mind, and I certainly didn't want FB to black out due to information overload (silently cursing character limits). But, this is the best place for me to take it all out- and that's exactly what I intend to do.

Okay! I had to get this out of my system. There are several people around us who just wouldn't realize when to draw the line. At first, it's funny and you try to go with the flow.. but then it becomes difficult to follow. See, by encouraging these people to talk on, you have just made a biggest blooper ever, 'cos now they think you are really into this meta sorta conversation, which you are obviously not following now. And before you know it, they might just break a glass bowl by hurling it on the ground and say "oops, I think I pulled a Gorbachev".

By now you know this is a pointless post, but what the hell, I'mma gonna say whatever I want in my blog right?! Well, the next random thing on my mind is Stewie Griffin. Yea! What's up with that kid? like really??!! I think Family Guy should be renamed as Creepy Guy. That kid scares the hell outta me. What kind of a 1yr old is that ** shudder **!!

Ok, I'm almost done. Finally, I'm really worried about how I am going to end up as an old lady! I mean, look at me now, rambling like a 60 year old delusional hag, just imagine how much more insanity is in store for me when I actually get to that age. I might be like one of those old women who speak continuously in their sleep/semi-sleep. ** double shudder **

Enough rambling for today, time to get some work done!



  1. haha stewie. lol. maybe categorized as the Weird kind! :) Thankfully, he doesnt kill anyone! :)))

    too much shudders, cheer up girl, ure gonna make a really cute old lady! :P ! :)))

  2. LOL. You sound like me. Totally random! :)

    I remember when "Family Guy" first came on 12 years ago. Stewie scared the shit out of me. A matricidal baby? Freaky! But as the show went on, and his character became more fleshed out, he quickly became one of my favorites. He and Brian have the best chemistry ever.