Monday, June 11, 2012

Never try to reason with your parents. Just Run.

Yeah! it's true.
It's no use, and you know it. When you are old enough to earn money, travel the world, buy a house, pay a loan, drive a car, damage-bam-break the car, pay for fixing the car; you will still never be old enough for your parents. You will never know what's best for you. You are a moron when it comes to finding your own spouse and settle down in your own sweet time. No. You can't do all these things because because your parents were born to drive you to a frenzy till you marry the man/woman they've handpicked for you. You are either becoming too old and must get married, or you are too young to get married to your loverboy/girl. Don't try to reason with them, because that doesn't help. At All. They will be fire-breathing dragons sitting on your shoulders until you drop & give in.

The fact remains that they are your parents and you will love & respect them forever & miss them when they are not around, and so changing your phone number will not be an option for you. Reasoning with them won't help 'cos then you would be just blabbering some shit to yourself while they pretend to not hear you and keep screaming. You think you are being mature and trying to have a real conversation & bam they will hit you with a statement so immature that you would want to pull your eyes out of your sockets. So, whenever you are having this one sided conversation with them - just flee the scene. Run, like the wind I say.

Disclaimer - You will get beaten up the next day. Also, don't run away to another country - 'cos the big fat crybaby that you are - you will miss mom & mom's food sooner than later.



  2. Running to another country. Period.

  3. :P
    Thankfully, or not, I haven't reached that age yet. I started giggling at the disclaimer.
    Enjoyed reading this post! :D

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