Friday, June 22, 2012

My picture window & You!

The picture window is where I escape from. Climb out & get away. Not everyday can be a good day, but I have my ways to zone out when I need to. The blue board was staring empty at me, so I put a bunch of cut-outs on it, and now, see how happy it looks. Good news is, I'm not alone nowadays, you'll be there wherever I go. On a lazy summer afternoon,  I'll go scuba diving with you: On a remote pretty little island where the waters are shining with blue, sharp rays of the sun penetrate into the corals & we'll swim all around it with a bunch of yellow fishes. Just like in that picture I saw... The secret compartment of travel wishes are endless really. Spending a Christmas eve in Paris maybe. Someday. I'll look up at Petra & cry a little, wear my touristy hat & ride a camel with you by the side. You'd have a burnt look on your face, sweaty & irritated in the heat. You hate the desert sun I know, but you'll love the camel ride. We'll sit for hours at a corner cafe in Italy, listen to music & eat yummy muffins. The destinations will change, but the man beside me remains the same now. I've settled into this nest and I'm quietly comfortable in my own way. I know I get impossible sometimes, but bear with me for now; 'cos I wanna go places with you. 

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