Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What if you had a pet dino!!!

Noah probably was too selfish and decided not get T-rex on that giant-ass boat of his; and because of Mr. I-get-to-call-the-shots, we are left behind on this dino-less earth. I primarily feel it wasn't the asteroid, or the 'dinos were too dumb to survive' theory - cos let's face it... if the asteroid did this, then a bunch of other animals would have also disappeared mysteriously right? & also, the less evolved brain theory?? Haven't you guys seen Jurassic  Park - that velociraptor is a conniving bitch of an animal. So, yeah I don't really know what happened to the big guys, but I think it would have fun to just have them around. Homo Sapiens are by far the most dangerous species to have ever lived on this planet, and I am sure we would have found some interesting use cases for these reptiles. So what if they are huge! We don't have no fear man.

Ok, now that we are doing this... things that would have been supercool.

- First dinosaur in space!!!!
- Dinosaur is man's best friend
- 16th century warfare would have been so much cooler I say. Bite off the queen's head Rexy!!!
- Oh Mr. bookie, blind bet on Rexy no.4 pls.
- Bring your dino to school day. (C'mon the small ones are cute)
- The bully at school definitely won't pick on you if you have the carnivore at your side.

What would you do if dinos were very much alive and sharing our planet? Also I made this cute dino sketch, so I am hoping to become a dino sketch artist soon enough. I may be getting delusional, but don't mind me - think of more important and realistic things like what if you had a pet dinosaur. Sure, I swear it's a productive utilization of your time.


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  2. I can already see you getting the Dino sketch artist of the year award.

    You were in a good mood! :P

  3. you know what would be super duper dino cool! making a dinohouse... like dog house for your pet dino.... oh that would be oh so freaking cool!