Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Darkness days!

It's a darkness day really. There are these days - mostly Mondays or Tuesdays, when you feel like you are about to succumb to all things dull and drab. These are my darkness days. When I am down and out, when I don't feel up to anything actually. My energy levels are on the minus scale and my enthusiasm towards life is zilch. No matter how hard I try to look at the good things, all I end up seeing is darkness & mostly the pathetic uninspiring stuff that surrounds me. All my shortcomings and downfalls glaring at me, shouting out obscenities. Silly little things are blown out of proportions and I am almost on the verge of colliding with the walls of depression. Erratic, I know. But that's how I roll people. The vicious cycle is never ending, and there is always some thing or the other every time. Every fucking single time. So many goof ups, so many non-achievements, so much ugliness - all jumbled up into a giant boulder of dark matter snowballing towards me. I know I sound dramatic right about now, but then I never underestimated the drama queen in me, and it never underestimates me. That's about all the depression talk I had today - will be back soon on another such darkness day with more liver cramping drama.


  1. ..dat darkness can be a blessing in disguise sumtimes..
    ..sumtimes ' darkness ' is ur candle..

  2. The days passed and I had no clue,
    How from between my fingers time flew.

    The leaves changed their colour,the days grew longer,
    Do they really say distance makes the heart grow fonder?

    I must admit I did have fleeting thoughts about you,
    But how I could I come when I had things to do?

    The days passed by and so did the nights,
    And finally realisation hit when I spotted the flying kites.

    We are together yet far away
    But you understand even when I have nothing to say.

    Like the kites together we sail high,
    Lose touch maybe but never say goodbye!

  3. As long as you are there... it'll be alright!