Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Take my hand... literally.

I'm alive, I'm alive. No actually my hand is. I got up in at dawn-break today with a paralyzed hand. As soon as I opened my eyes, I tried to grab my phone from the side of my pillow, to which my hand said - sorry, no one home. I looked at my left hand just lying there in a twist limp of a state, motionless, painless, feelingless. Everything less. Basically, I had slept off on it and as a result I had no control over it. It's effing scary. I mean, at that moment I was looking at my hand like it was not even a part of my body - it was beyond control. It was painful to relate to it as my hand at that time, and I was about to almost pick it up with my other hand like some toy. Horrid.  It was like some fake attachment stuck to my body and I was basically having an almost Kill Bill-ish wiggle your hand moment when the blood finally started flowing. I could feel it. It was like a rush. Like slowly gaining consciousness after you bumped your head somewhere and blacked out. Those ten seconds were crucial as I connected my barbie hand back to my living body. I realized collective consciousness was probably a myth, and the soul of my hand was probably roaming around somewhere (more fun obviously, like Disney land). But, yeah - guys, brain is awesome. It fucking controls everything, and without that control you are as helpless as a fat bird stuck in a small cage. So, yeah.. I guess what Im trying to say is, I love my brain. It helps me move stuff. Big moment for me right now. I know its getting difficult for you guys to appreciate the intent of this post with each line you read... but trust me on this one, the day you wake up with a paralyzed body part and struggle to move it for 15 seconds (while these 15 seconds seem like 15 mins) you'll know exactly what I am talking about. The objective of this rant was to impart the wisdom that our body is a mere vessel. Ok, I've gone too far with this now. I'll shut up.


  1. lolz.. dont tell me that u'd never experienced this paralyzed hand/leg thing before this !!!! the way you wrote looks like it your first..

  2. :| stop making fun!!!! It's happened before, but not to this extent!