Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Game on..

A gun to my chest,
Here goes, another round of Russian Roullette.
Face over Face, too tired to pretend?
Time to put on my mask and walk on the stage.

Simpler times, happier thoughts, bringing me closer to one step i'm not!
Getting there, yes! this time i'm sure..
Pushing myself to the furthest limit.. tip of the ice-berg?
Just what I thought..

Behind the final curtain, its time for the applause.
Closed the curtains again, its the time for the applause


  1. hmmm..over my head...:O:O..seems like u r following the words of 'Francis Bacon' on ur intro to the last alphabet :):)

  2. Empty that gun and play the Roulette, and all you shall get is good ole fashioned humor.