Monday, November 14, 2011

To my Alma Mater...

The one that makes me what I am. Not my school, college or job. The one that's in me through good and bad reminding me to be myself no matter what. The one who calls me out of the blue when I'm off my usual good mood - somehow sensing something's wrong. The one I can go back to, no matter how bad I goofed up. The one who taught me to be optimistic, passionate, persistent and creative all at the same time. The one who comes to my mind when I am about to do something I shouldn't. The one who has been a rock of support and a giant loving heart throughout my life. The one who will continue to grow with me, and grow in me each day till we can be each other's proud extensions. The one who put in years of nurture and encouragement to make me a better person each day. For this one person - I don't need special occasions or mother's days to celebrate her presence... This one goes out to my Alma mater!


  1. I'm going to say it again - the resemblance is uncanny!

  2. My God - so young!