Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Stop and cherish now, savor and take a bow
Close your eyes and think, 'cos it's been a while
Repeat after me now..
Fragile, they are all fragile.

In some other dimension
In some other timeline
Happier days are flowing
Just like the sands of time

While I wait here
In this moment
Letting go and gripping again,
Moments will pass one after the other
Nothing will remain, nothing will stay

Picked them up once more
Cautious now, don't grip too hard
Fighting the flowing sand through my palms
Recall the moments part by part
Nothing is constant, nothing will stay
It's always been like that,
It's meant to be that way.


  1. I love it.
    So sad.. perfectly fits my mood.
    Sorry I haven't stalked your blog in a while :(

  2. Awsomee...just hold on n the good times will come :)