Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Recipe for a bad day

Stir them well...
  • Wake up with a sinking feeling in your stomach, thanks to the bad dream you just rescued yourself out of.
  • Get ready for office in hurry, with no time to wash your hair
  • Look at something that reminds you of your ex, and then start all over with the sinking feeling in your stomach, with the added dash of the faceless void that you think are pent up feelings. Or not.
  • Come to work and you realize you are way past deadline for a super important report that you had to send yesterday but you forgot the attachment.
  • Get incessant calls from frantic mother telling you about some random stranger who is a prospective suitor ( READ - you are getting old, and still unmarried)
  • Talk to your super depressing friends about their fucked up life and how their parents are trying to get them married to an uncouth, boring dud.
  • Realize, you don't feel like working, but you still have to.
It's a long list of ingredients, but calls for a super recipe for a disastrous day!

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