Thursday, November 10, 2011

Flight Crib Mode.

I hate taking flights. I hate crying babies on the flight, I hate delayed flights.

Basically, I am never in a good mood when I have to either take a flight or if I have just arrived at some airport. And what I hate even more is when I am alone at an airport and no one picks me up. See, my parents know that, so mom never messes with that. But, outside of the warm loving family of mine - I can't keep that up with everyone. Right!! But, that doesn't mean I can control my mood when I arrive at some place alone and I have to go look for a cab or something. It's sad actually - makes me feel like WTF, do I not know anyone in this town who is expecting to see me?!!  Everyone apparently has more important things to do in life..

The result of course is a spoilt mood, and a bad day - which can only be cured by excessive sleeping.

I will try and get used to this I guess, but next time I have to remind myself to carry less bags!


  1. I hate crying babies everywhere! I never cried and kicked up so much of a fuss as a kid.
    Just yesterday I was getting home and these two kids behind me were wailing their lungs out. I was like aaaaaaaargh. Parents should do something about that na?
    Oh yeah, that feeling, I'm imagining it right now. Sucks.
    Take care. And have a kick ass weekend