Friday, November 4, 2011

Blah mode...

Haven't written something in a while, not because there is nothing to write about, but simply because of the insanity surrounding me right now. Yes, there are so many things I wanna type out right now but I probably won't be able to. I am not that talented I guess. Sometimes, the most difficult conversations are the ones that you have with yourself. I am trying to reason out so many things all at the same time, and nothing's helping really.

This week has been the ultimate hurricane. Uprooting so many things and changing so many notions that I held on to strongly. Sometimes, your past comes back and jumps right at you in the face and there is nothing much you can do apart from keeping your cool (ok, you are allowed to crib a little mebbe). And, then there was PG leaving office, which I just don't know how to react to yet. Jackass left sometime back, and things haven't been the same ever since. And here's one to add to the list. Past and present both slapping me I guess. I just have to brush past it with full on ninja speed. Yup, that's what I'm gonna do.

Since, it's Friday I don't wanna leave ya'll with such sad thoughts. I'd laugh a little myself right now .. just for the record, Batman was in formals yesterday and super conscious at that. He was walking faster than usual through the halls and literally dodging people through the day. But then he was looking cute as hell. 

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  1. full ninja speed is correct. nothing ever works more than that.