Thursday, October 27, 2011

Change is not good...

I'm used to this life. The comfort zone and the known shoulders I can lean on when I know I'm down and out. People say that change is for the better most times, maybe for you it'll be good PG - mebbe, you'll get a super cool job and become the most powerful businesswoman of century (ok, that might not happen). But, for me, this change aint good. Not one bit.

Bitching on phone is never as good - without the coffee and smokes on the stairs. Who will I ping throughout the day with random shit??!! Too much has already changed around me, so this is just not fair!
I know I am not the most expressive person (except when I am drunk n all) but I'm bottling up a lot of anger and cribbiness inside me right now. I really did want to throw my coffee at you :|

I know this is not about me right now, you have bigger things to worry about and bigger fishes to fry. But, it is a little bit about me also I think, for us actually. Saying that I'll miss you won't really justify what I really wanna say so I'll steer clear of the mush and stick to the anger part of it. You Fool!!!! Be very very  scared the next time we party, cos I might just jump out and ninja kick your ass for going away! And NO, im not being childish at all.

This change is so not good.


  1. :| I bet it isn't. Crib more on monday. See you soon. Enjoy the race :)

  2. Just saw this...
    This change sucks for me too. I feel so lost without the bunch of you around me, it's crazy.
    Yes we're not expressive but that doesn't mean there's less love.... can't fathom what to do without uuuuuu... hopefully this will be bearable with time...

    Yes. And even I don't see that business woman thing happening as well....

  3. You can ping me, Bitch!

    Have to continuously remind you of my presence *grumble*

  4. Also, there is always Diya.Icicle to ping ...