Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lacking Persistance!

There are those days when you just feel like writing something and pouring your heart out really, cos there's just so much you want to write about and there is so much going on. But, what you end up doing instead is this :

step 1. put on your headphones.
step 2. start grooving. {{{{}}}}
step 3. try to start writing/write a few lines/ponder!
step 4. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......... say whaaa!!

So, I guess what I am trying to say is - procrastination is a major kill-zone. Sometimes the stuff just comes out naturally and you're so vulnerable that the words control you. almost. But then there are those days when you have so much to say, think and want - but so little to write about. For example, I've had a rather eventful week.. went back home during one of the most festive seasons (that there ever can be). Kolkata is a whole other place during Durga pujas. Period. And, there is just so much news and so much stuff and soo sooo much that happened, that the thought of penning it down is leaving me overwhelmed.
I'm at step 3 right now, so might switch off any moment. Will be back later with persistance, 'cos I must write this shit down! :P

Anyhoo - here's a sneak peak!


  1. I swear!
    I'm trying to study and I'm like oh theres this to write about. Oh and also that, and that and that :P
    You get the point no?
    And when I actually sit to write, I am like erm huh whaa and it sucks :p
    Do write that 'shit' down soon :D

  2. I thot blogging was all about writing what we want to write...when we want to write...:-D If it doesn't come,then I think we should just let it be......Until the next brainwave smites us...;-)

  3. I knowwww.
    I end up reading a book instead. :P

  4. it happens with all of us... :(

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