Friday, October 21, 2011

Stop. Smile

Eyes itching with stuck up, stupid sleep. On my way to office, grumpy as hell - and Batman sitting next to me, driving, is grumpier. He pulled an all-niter at work (grumpy face smiley that I still can't perfect), and as a consequence I had a deeply erratic sleep schedule. In between getting up, checking the phone, calling, getting up for the maid (blah blah, you get the drift)... I slept ... but not quite. The outcome for both of us: needless to say crappy! 

Generally, I like the drive down to office. The music, the parallel singing, abusing the reckless bikers around, randomly laughing at stuff, occasional dance moves and giving death stares to the foolish pedestrians who suddenly jump out right in front of you like the group of girls in 'Suicide Club' . But today, we were both struggling to keep ourselves alive, smiling was out of the question.

And then came our knight in white shining car. The Honda Jazz owner right in front just made my day, made me laugh and just pulled me right out of my grump mode. The mystery man (in his mid 30s), very much ready for office with slick hair and all ... just redefined the meaning of excitement. He is very much a morning person I say. As we passed the car by, what we caught was a glimpse of this man jumping on the driver's seat and singing out loud with his stereo. Jumping is not an understatement here. He was jumping and moving his head from side to side. Seriously (like Will Smith in what-was-that-song-again!).  And, just like that, I realized - it's FRIDAY!

Amazingly refreshing that was - I must thank you mystery man! For all you grumpy people out there, cheer up, jump a little - It's Friday! Smile Y'all!


  1. *smiling*
    Sometimes other peoples' happiness really does rub off on us,no?
    Have a great weekend