Tuesday, October 18, 2011

And then some more...

I'm drowning in work today - so much so that I missed lunch with my hippies (which I hardly ever do), and now I am sitting with a bowl of fried fish sticks on my desk. The drowning in work part is also keeping me away from me lover diary! But, I will not give up. I have exactly 5 mins (while munching on fried fish) to ventilate and stuff - so I'm going to write the most random post ever. This might not even make much sense right now, but had to get these things outside of me.

I am angry at some things.. some one and some situations. Control really is an illusion, and some times no matter how hard you try, you will end up getting knocked down. All I have to say to you is, hang in there - you will be fine! and then you'll be awesome as ever!

Mood swings and PMS' come and go, but what remains are certain blurry thoughts that randomly poke you around all day long, regardless of what kind of mood you are in - or even if you don't have the time to be moody.

Cameras are fuck awesome! especially mine. Yes, it's here obviously and I have already started taking pictures of almost everything that looks photo worthy (nikon ninja it is!) Can't wait to post 'em here (soon.very.soon)

I wish I would have picked up the grilled chicken salad for lunch, but I guess its too late now - stupid fish sticks it is.

Being sick and alone at home fucks you up in the head, but then I wasn't alone for long. Which is good.

Some people are really unhappy with me being around them, but then I have only one thing to say to them - 'deal with it bitches', I'm here to stay!

Until a more elaborate rant and then some more..



  1. You know I don't exaggerate when i say you're like a bitch on crack some days. Also, I love the nikon ninja. I can foresee sooooo many profile pics. Blissss!

  2. Smoke and rant please I say - Aruni

  3. //Control is an illusion
    #True story#