Tuesday, October 25, 2011

From Agra with love...

Even though this wasn't the first time I was visiting Agra, or the Taj - the trips get better every time. This one didn't disappoint either. From the camel ride up to Fatehpur Sikri to watching the sunset over the Taj, everything boiled down to a super awesome time spent with friends. There is indeed something magical about old monuments. Reeking of mystery, history and romance... the royal grandeur of them all.. standing tall, magical and solid.

There are these times when I look at the Taj and think, what's so special? White marble ok, giant structure that took a zillion years and a zillion manpower to produce, ok. Understood. But what is it that makes people from across the country and the world stare speechless at this. It's pure love I guess. Granted that Shahjahan spent a fortune and blew up the treasure in smithereens while trying to prove a point - but the point he was trying to prove was all about love. Sounds mush and all, but it's true.

Dedicated to the mother of 14, the tomb of love looks almost ghostly white after sunset, at the same time it's serene and calm to the core.

Pictures speak a thousand words.. so here are a few!

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