Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I love dumb questions!

So, now that I have established the theme of the post, via the awesome zazzle mug, I can now go on to illustrate just how and why I love dumb questions.

Exhibit A - While dumb questions might irritate you under certain circumstances, like for example in a meeting room when you are talking about super important stuff - but then it also gives you food for laughter later on. (Like - did you hear what XYZDumbhead said? WTF was he thinking). I know we all say in meetings .. please be interactive, there are no stupid questions, please ask away and all that jazz - but really, there are stupid questions for sure. You'll know that you pulled a stupid question moment when you see everyone around you looking down. This is solely because they are laughing internally. Yeah! like in their heads they are going all LMAO but can't really LOL. So, yeah, if you see the meeting owner taking a 5 seconds pause and everyone looking down - you asked a stupid question without a doubt.

Exhibit B - What cracks me up even more are those people, who think that asking any question whatsoever makes them look engaged and attentive!!! (can you go back to the last slide please? let me stare at it for 15 seconds and ask, what is that blue line over there which says annual spend??!!!)

Also, coming back to the point, there are stupid questions which break all boundaries of socially acceptable norms of human interactions and are hilarious yet painful. Some of these questions will make you shudder, and make you laugh hard enough so you pee your pants. There is a Mecca of these stupid questions and that shining diamond mine of dumbfuck questions lie within the Yahoo answers page !

Whenever I am bored, or jobless or sulking about random things, I visit this super awesome collection of utter stupidity and I instantly feel refreshed. Refreshed and recharged by the sheer desperation of these questions. Since, I was obviously quite free today morning, I have taken the time out to pick out some gems from Yahoo answers, and posting it here - for all of us who need a good break from work. So take a break, and laugh with me, will you!?! ( I am answering them in my head, you can do the same. Most are unanswerable. Really.)

Q.1 How do you determine the size of someone's fingers?

Q2. What is a good catch Fraze for a school campaign? (Are you sure you're in school my dear spelling bee champion?)
Q3. My mother cat is meowing? (WTF)

Q4. My chickens are dying randomly everyday?

Q5. Why is my snail just sitting there?!

Q6. How to find an escaped wild lizard in the house! please help.

Q7. I have not been able to sleep, heart burn.. am I pregnant?!

Q8. What should I do about my friend being in a relationship with a toxic underaged girl!

Enough to cheer me up for a day!


  1. Whats the difference between a sick leave and an holiday/off. :D True story.

  2. yeah sometime they help to ease out the pressure :D

    weakest LINK

  3. With all that dumbness raining on me,I think I need a 'd'umbrella....;-)Excellent post...I was LOLing @ the end...

  4. haha.. life is like that..
    A lil bit of stupidity keeps life going :P

  5. Yahoo Answers ! Bingo ! :D :D
    //who think that asking any question whatsoever makes them look engaged and attentive! - nicely pointed out ;) My perception was this kinda garbage wouldn't be in "Google" . But I think people are same everywhere !! Nice read :)

  6. Haahahaha yeah, one of my friends has an album filled with screen shots of Yahoo answers :P
    It's total crap!

  7. Fellow dumb-question-lovers ... thanks for your inputs :P