Thursday, September 8, 2011

Circle of trust - True story!

A couple of days back I posted a status on FB which read - 'learning to differentiate between friends, and friends who are family'. Needless to say, this led to an upsurge of raised eyebrows around the friend community, and I even got texts from friends asking what happened. Well, nothing happened really - it's just one of those days when you reminisce and realize the importance of certain people in your life and how your life would have been nothing but ordinary without their existence. This is all about those people who make my life less ordinary and add all sorts of drama known to man.

This one goes out to my peeps - simply 'cos they are that awesome.

The circle of trust started as a drunken night out and expanded into this fun phrase that we would refer to every time we'd had a couple of litres of alcohol flowing through our veins - but unknowingly and uncannily somehow the circle of trust does exist. A Godzilla weekend and a Beer Island spree later there we were (PG & KZ) discussing who we should include in our little circle of trust, turns out - not only did we include him but almost a year later realized I was crazy about him.

I'm in the mush mood today so I'm gonna tell y'all about my favorite homies and just how awesome they are - and yes of course I'm gonna use made up names for them - just 'coz it's that much fun.

Evil Twin - Oh we go long back. Through the fights and make ups, the monica dance and the omelette breaks. The drunk night outs and the crazy midnight calls - we've been thick as thieves. He's my evil twin, my alter-ego and bitch all at once. Even though we are miles and miles away, we're still the best of friends. No questions asked, no explanations needed, we'd back each other up through shit and we know that.

Drama Queen - She's the toughest of the lot, insanely awesome really. Even though we might not talk about our live's eternal sorrows and miseries, we understand a lot more about each other than anyone else. We are really capable of having telepathic conversations most times and know exactly how we want each other to behave in any given situation. She's fun, super quirky and one of the most awesomest writers ever (check her out here). She can lift up any drab situation by cracking some of the funniest and most obscene comments ever. She's also the first one to get sloshed most of the times. Yes, I have seen her passed out, puking, almost trying to jump off a car, crying, howling, kissing, romancing and dancing like no one's watching her. And yea - no one can pull off a drama better than her for sure.

Mr. Vocab - He's her better half really - like two pieces of a jigsaw they fit perfectly, almost like a dream. First time I saw him I thought he's a junkie - long hair, grim look and wandering gaze and all that. But then alcohol does something to people that one can only be thankful for. He comes up with random sophisticated words like 'citrus' and all. Take that! He's also the most fun drunkie ever. Also known as the enraged driver and the most philosophical one of the group - can seriously make a lot of sense sometimes. Maybe, makes the most sense most of the times.

Jackass - The name says it all I think. She left her brains at home when she met us. Can say the most randomly nonsensical things ever spoken and makes sense only 0.5% of the times. She's seen me through tough times, and we've picked each other up like toy pieces and literally put ourselves back together for the show. The big giant glob of heart that she is, she can be the most lovable creature that ever existed.

Batman - Well, I'm not going to say much about him, apart from the fact that he's managed to pick me up and turn me towards life again. When he's not busy watching or reading Batman - he actually listens. He is also the laziest soul on the planet and can go to any lengths to get his way around the house. He's also a super awesome boyfriend <3

Alice - She is technically the nicest person who ever walked this planet. The word 'bitch' falls flat on its face when it approaches her. She is a bookworm really, can't keep her hands off books and spends half her salary buying books. Also an amazing photographer and writer, although not a frequent one. Wish she'd write more..(Check her out here)

Smartass - Now that Jackass is all settled in a foreign land, we are thinking of passing her throne to him. He does both roles well. He is the funniest shit around. Says the most freakishly hilarious things known to man. Can make me laugh, choke, and die at the same time. There is no way that anyone can be in a bad mood when they're around this menace of a man. He is prone to PMS though and can get headaches out of nowhere to get his way. But we love him nonetheless. I also know that if he reads this ever, I'd have to the butt of all jokes for over a week.

It's one of those rare combinations I think. The smart, the funny, the mother-goose, the shrink, the baby and the bear. Not making much sense right now I think, but then I'm so proud and insanely happy to have known these people that I think I'm allowed to rant a little. No?
Ok, maybe not!

Until, my next mush mode post - here's to my lovelies! XoXo


  1. Hi Upasana, Nice template and nicer blog.
    Happy writing.

  2. Awwww..... I miss you guys sooooooo much :(

  3. I knowww! I just want to go on a long holiday with all of you and never ever come back! maybe we can sell beer in a shack in those Goa beaches. huh?