Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Loathe List.

*Drum Rolls*

So, I had to send out this small introduction to a new team I am joining at work yesterday, and I had a quick couple of lines about myself, likes/dislikes et cetra. The love list was pretty crisp, and then when I started writing the hate list - it all came pouring out with magical fluidity. I actually had to shorten the version, 'cos obviously I don't want my new team to freak out and all. Plus they wouldn't want to read a whole page of random things I loathe. BUT - that doesn't mean I will spare this blog and the poor readers! That's right, I am adding all the things I deleted out of that intro para and I'm adding it here ya'll. * Disclaimer * - I might come across as a very negative person after this, but then it's just a small misunderstanding and I am actually quite the chirpy and social butterfly-ish. No, really I am!

Ok, drum rolls once more please, for the loathe list!
  1. Octopuses
  2. roller-coasters,
  3. the color yellow, Y.U.C.K!
  4. cars that go all haywire on the road and you can clearly see the driver trying to fetch something from the back seat,
  5. slow Internet connection,
  6. soggy popcorn,
  7. Painfully slow elevator doors that close a year after you enter,
  8. Low budget sci-fi films where martians are green and spaceships/UFO's look faker than generally how fake they are.
  9. Overalls - what's up with that? Pants, t-shirt, suspenders - **** make up your mind!!!
  10. Fake hotdogs - aka the soya sausage (healthy my ass)
  11. People who stand at the KFC counter for 15 mins without looking at the menu (it's right there) and then start deciding what to order only when the cashier asks what they want. What is wrong with you people??! I judge you! There are hungry people very very hungry people behind you!
  12. ppl who think itz kool to ryt lyk dis! Your parents sent you to school for a reason - learn to write bitches.
  13. People who pretend to get drunk with one shot of vodka.
  14. Butt-cracks.
  15. Sushi - It's raw fish!!!!! Noooooo.....
  16. Cleaning my room
  17. Forwarded emails that threaten to destroy your love life within 7 days if you don't find 20 more helpless suckers who'd read them.
  18. Guys with overgrown toe nails.
  19. Stick-on nail art - it looks like your nails are infested!
  20. Mr.Bean - Can. not. stand. him.
Phew! Longer than I anticipated - but what they hell, they deserved to be on the loathe list.


  1. I cannot believe this, I actually have a larger list. I will make one when I am out of my procrastination lazy phase.

  2. I know the #13 kinda people.
    #2 - ILOVE
    #6 - remove 'soggy' and thats what i hate

    And Sushi is awesome fucker!

  3. Haha, funny , I must say ! :) I adore someone who keeps me hooked with simple, yet expressive writing ! Where were you all these years girl? Anyway, better late than never ! :D

  4. Thanks for stopping by stranger! wow - that sounded awesome :P