Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wide Awake

Things may never be the same between us.
Lives have parted and raw bricks stare me in the face.
I've been thinking about this for a while,
and no! on my face they don't bring a smile.
Why do you complain I have changed?
Haven't you? Yes! you have and it's been quite a while.
You were never ready and you will never be!
And now I wont even say that it will be alright!
Write me a letter or sing me a song,
A dozen red roses to make up for the things you have done.
Maybe yes! or maybe not!
Even then I won't say that will be alright!
Even then things wont be the way I want from life!

A thousand broken strings of thought.
On them I play on, play on the rhythm...
Of What is left and what I got!
I remember what I have given up,
Not that I regret... maybe backup is always a myth!
Times have changed and so have they!
If I tell them to come back today..
Maybe they will or maybe not!

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