Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Me n Mah Sistas'

Well, What do you do when you are short of *Inspiration* per say.. What Does Carrie Bradshaw Do? Why go to her Girlfriends! what else??!! And that's exactly what I did.
And trust me, I didn't have to look with a microscope to get some Woo Hoo Ideas! It made me wonder how much goes on inside those cute little women brains.. And I thought, my head is messed up! Nah ah!!

Like For example, Aruni "wants to be in the pseudo intellectual mode momentarily": well my take on her momentary pseudo-intellectualism is what I call reaching the last stretch of your young adult life (which is scary beyond all reasons) and then leaving the last strand of rope that you had desperately held on to for some kind of unexplainable comfort. And when you let that rope go, you feel free but at the same time, you kinda miss that rope! If you think I am making no sense.. read Aruni's Blog ;P (it's called destructive-creativity btw)!!! LOL.

This just makes me wonder, just how much of creativity women have locked up inside their pretty heads for so long. I mean... at one end I have a cute girlfriend of mine who looks like she is about to have a tea-party with Alice, and then suddenly you see her blog (destructive-creativity-aka-Aruni) and you go... Whoaaa!!! And on the other Hand is my other cute girlfriend Manasa who is burdened with work and manager issues and you think, poor thing!! But what the hell did I know ----------

--- when asked about a burning issue inside her head! The heavily worked up Manasa (who is btw overloaded with Opportunity Identification Reports) said.. " well I get mad when I see people wearing wrong colors on the wrong days, and and night make up for day and day make up in the night" LOL.

I mean give the poor girl a break!! She is overloaded with work, and then you show up at work with the WRONG colors on the wrong day and that too wearing night make up!! Sheesh!

And again o the other hand, I have a cubie Neha! who is the eternal Jhansi ki Raani today and tomorrow and forever!! LOL. For those of you who didn't know.. my last post was inspired by her *condition a la femme*. Today, she has no burning issues! She is busy dealing with mood swings, PMS, and the whole concept of unfair Biology ( as I can make out from her face). If I ask her one more question, she may just turn back and say: "read my face!!" And I sure don wanna disturb a girl who is already disturbed by the *Uneven Distribution of Organs and features* by the Heavenly forces. As I said, the Gods must be crazy jealous of our sheer awesomeness and hence, the Pain has been bestowed upon us. (And we have to accept it with a pinch of salt, that is, the wonders of Motherhood! ya rite! ;P)

Coming to my Glam Girlfriend AKA new Flatmate Khushboo, she has an absolutely different burning issue today! I mean I am amazed at the variety I am getting today... I have seen nothing like it. So she says: " i need to write something. And write it before the story idea goes out of my mind but i wont get time so well, the story idea will go out of my mind... " and then she goes on bitching about her Manager! The usual Ordeal.. you get it right! :D

So, it seems I have done enough research for today! And I must say.. Girlfriends.. you guys Rock! you gave me food for thought on a Dry Day...! :D


  1. OMG Upsi, thank you for proxy-venting out my miseries. You're the best!

  2. I am not alice or atlas or honda city or the bunny at alice's tea party! Please I am not!