Monday, December 1, 2008

Mood Swings over a Cup of Coffee... :|

What is it that we have done to anger the forces of nature? Is it our sheer awesomeness that drives them towards a mad jealous frenzy or is it the fact that we are born to be Mother Indias' or Jhansi ki Raanis'. Coping with PMS' is not easy my friends. Mood swings and erratic behavior.. eh! we don't really enjoy (For those men out there who still think it's our part-time hobby).

Well, me myself and I, put my mind to work over a cup if steaming Americano (aka the plain black coffee made MY style). Why is it that, we have to go through through PMS, suffer pain & Mindless mood swings and on top of that (as if its not enough) go through bloody Labor Pain. Well, not that I don't understand the joy of Motherhood (well, actually I don't get it.) But it's not fair, if guys can enjoy the fatherhood almost like a cakewalk, why cant women enjoy motherhood with the same ease??!!

Well, Well.. bitter world, and even bitter realities. But! what the hell.. My Bio teacher won't be very happy with my concepts of Biology (neither am I happy with God's concept of Biology!!) But then! who's listening.. apart from my black coffee.. which has become quite cold by now! Sigh.. :|

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