Monday, November 24, 2008

Of Prada's, Gucci's and Bitchy Diaries!!...

A random thought has popped up in my twisted Mind (As usual) to simplify my seemingly complex life. I am giving it a thought and bits pieces of research proves that this could actually be a solution to all my problems.

- Problem I, being stuck at a hugely underpaying, boring job that will get me nowhere. (Maybe in the next 5 years, but who's gonna wait that long!!??)

- Problem II, Relationship woes, Fights and marriage talks that has burnt me up till the last strand of my hair.

- Problem III, of labels and more Labels, which I look at, drool at, cry for.. but can never afford.

So, I realized to have a perfect life with Gucci & Prada in close proximity, with no tensions as such, no job and loads of money, with butlers and chauffeurs waiting hand and foot on me... I just have to Do One simple thing. Here it goes...

Find a Rich impotent guy, convince him to marry me. Or Go for an arranged marriage with the timid cow variety Rich guy. Then, if he is impotent, problem solved... go for an extramarital affair with my current BF. Plead and cry in front of the judge to give me a divorce to emancipate myself from the sexless (*sob* *sob*) life. In return, get a F***ing huge alimony. Go back to my current BF, and spent the rest of my life as a Rich Label Queen. Ahhhhh! the plan.

I'll get all the labels in the world, will never have to work again, and be married to the person I originally intended to. Although, I see a lot of loopholes in the perfect theory, I would appreciate if you guys don't burst my bubble.

Play along.. will you please!! :D


  1. A rich impotent guy will get himself 'rectified' if he is that rich.

    Rich timid guy will have demonic mother in law.

    Your extra marital affair will nullify the sexless marriage.

    Did I burst your bubble yet?!


  2. I will not burst your bubble - I want a similar bubble! :P

  3. @ Poo: so ur trying to tell me that there are no rich impotent guys. (well they are not unicorns, they exist) second, if i can handle this job, I can handle any demonic mother in law. third, the extra marital affair wud be my plea to the judge..' Oh Lord, see my misery in my sexless life, i still tried to save my marriage by having sex elsewhere (sobs included). Huh!

    @ Khushboo: thanks babe! you understand, lets put some sense back in to Poo, shall we?!!